15 Netflix Shows That Will Be Returning in 2024 Now That the Writer’s Strike Has Ended

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After an intense period of negotiations, the much-publicized writer’s strike finally came to a close last month, paving the way for the return of our favorite Netflix originals. 2024 promises to be a jam-packed year for binge-watchers, with several highly anticipated series making their highly anticipated comebacks. From thrilling dramas to heartwarming comedies, the streaming giant is gearing up to satiate the audience’s content cravings. We spotlight 15 Netflix shows that are slated to make a triumphant return in 2024, thanks to the resolution of the strike.

The Night Agent

“The Night Agent” is an action-thriller series that swiftly became a sensation on Netflix. Garnering a staggering 168 million viewing hours within just its initial four days, it only took Netflix six days to greenlit the second season, setting a new benchmark for the streaming platform.

Centering on Peter Sutherland, portrayed by Gabriel Basso, the narrative unfolds in the White House’s Night Action room. As a budding FBI agent, a fateful phone call from Rose Larkin, enacted by Luciane Buchanan, catapults both into a swirling vortex of political conspiracies, with reverberating effects on their personal lives and the nation’s security.

With its newfound stature as a fan favorite, there’s optimism that once the strikes dissipate, production might kickstart early 2024, targeting a release window of late 2024.

Vikings: Valhalla

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Spinning off from the highly regarded “Vikings” series on the History channel, Netflix’s “Vikings: Valhalla” graced screens in February 2022. Mirroring its predecessor’s success, it quickly cemented itself as a Netflix must-watch. The initial 2019 order from Netflix was a hefty 24 episodes, spanning three anticipated seasons.

Netflix, after the second season’s debut, greenlit “Vikings: Valhalla” season 3 and teased its release window. With the shooting already in the can, audiences can brace themselves for eight more gripping episodes in 2024. The filming phase spanned from May to October 2022.

Staying true to its established release rhythm, we can anticipate season 3 to drop either in January or February 2024. Consistency has been key with its early-year launches, packed with adrenaline-fueled narratives. And it’s a safe bet that “Vikings: Valhalla” season 3 will be a standout Netflix offering in 2024 as it will be one of the first highly anticipated series to get released.

Lincoln Lawyer

Following the sensational debut of “The Lincoln Lawyer” in May 2022, a sequel seemed inevitable. This conviction solidified with the dual-release hit of season two in the summer of 2023, setting the stage for an undoubted renewal of a third season.

However, fans might need to arm themselves with patience. It’s speculated that scripting for season 3 is in its infancy. With production eyed for 2024, audiences can potentially expect a late 2024 premiere.

Season two culminates with a tantalizing cliffhanger, paving the path for a riveting third season. Drawing inspiration from Michael Connelly’s literary works, the next season will spotlight Mickey as he delves deep into the murder mystery of “Glory Days.” This case promises to be one of the most emotionally charged chapters in Mickey’s on-screen journey.


Previously pegged for a fall 2023 release, industry insiders speculate that Netflix’s decision to shift “Griselda” to 2024 stems from the ongoing Hollywood strikes.

Finally, in September, Netflix gave a sneak peek into the series, disclosing a rescheduled launch for January 2024. The crime saga “Griselda,” rooted in reality, showcases Sofia Vergara, an Emmy nominee, in the role of Griselda Blanco, the mastermind behind one of history’s wealthiest cartels.

This series, consisting of six episodes, promises to be a compelling binge early next year. Netflix’s track record of hit limited series this past year suggests “Griselda” will soon be on viewers’ favorites list. With Vergara’s Emmy nomination accolades from “Modern Family,” an award-season buzz around her is inevitable.Top of Form


“You” has undeniably cemented its place as one of Netflix’s most talked-about shows. With its intricate character arcs, chilling narrative, and Joe Goldberg’s eerie obsession with love and relationships, the series has kept audiences at the edge of their seats. With the news of the fifth season being its last, viewers are both anxious and excited to find out how Joe’s dark and twisted journey will conclude.

Taking Joe’s story to London in season 4 added a fresh layer to the narrative. As Joe assumed a new identity and navigated a different setting with unique challenges, fans got to see him in a different light. The conclusion of the season, with Joe returning to New York, sets the stage for a potentially explosive finale. New York is where it all began, and it seems fitting that Joe’s story will come full circle in the city.

Emily In Paris

The tradition of immersing ourselves in the holiday spirit with season 4 of “Emily in Paris” might be broken, but the good news is that 2024 promises a comeback. Initial plans aimed at a summer 2023 shooting commencement, but the writers’ strike reshuffled the deck. Before the industry could rebound, the actors’ strike ensued, and as autumn approached, both strikes remained unresolved.

The forthcoming season will delve into the cliffhangers from the season 3 finale. After a heartbreaking split with Alfie and witnessing a pregnant Camille abandon Gabriel at the altar, Emily’s world is in turmoil, with lingering feelings for Gabriel being her only anchor. Fans can tentatively mark their calendars for a summer or autumn 2024 release, but patience will be key.


The teen-centric romantic drama “Heartstopper” made waves upon its spring 2022 premiere. Season 2 of “Heartstopper” took viewers on a journey beyond its protagonists, Nick (Kit Connor) and Charlie (Joe Locke). Expanding its horizon, it sheds light on supporting characters whilst delving deeper into Nick and Charlie’s evolving bond.

Fans of this heartwarming tale can rejoice as the green signal for season 3 ensures a continuation of their narrative. Drawing its essence from Alice Oseman’s graphic novels, the series wove elements from Volume 3 and snippets from Volume 4 in its second season. Fans might need to circle summer or fall 2024 on their calendars for the next season’s unveiling.


Attached to the cherished Addams Family lore and fronted by Jenna Ortega – fresh off her celebrated roles in “Scream 5” and “X” – the series had all the elements of a blockbuster.

The post-Thanksgiving release did not disappoint. “Wednesday” claimed the title of the second most-watched series on Netflix US, only trailing behind “Stranger Things” season 4 and globally taking the third spot behind the juggernaut “Squid Game” and the aforementioned “Stranger Things.” Amid swirling rumors of its uncertain future, Netflix put speculation to rest by confirming a second season in January 2023.

However, fans should brace for a hiatus before rejoining Wednesday. As of October 2023, projections for the next installment will unfurl either in winter 2024 or possibly spill into 2025.

Stranger Things

“Stranger Things” has undoubtedly been one of the flagship series for Netflix since its inception. Its blend of 80s nostalgia, supernatural horror, and heartfelt moments made it an instant classic. With the announcement of the fifth season being its last, expectations and excitement have reached a fever pitch. Everyone is eager to see the culmination of the character’s journey, the fate of the beloved residents of Hawkins, and the ultimate confrontation with the ‘Upside Down.’

But patience, as they say, is a virtue, and “Stranger Things” fans have become accustomed to waiting. The time gaps between the show’s seasons have only heightened the anticipation. The pandemic-induced delay for the fourth season was understandable, and it seems fans might need to muster up some more patience for the fifth.

Given the tentative production start in 2024 due to the strikes, fans may have to wait for a 2025 release. While the wait might be long, if the series’ track record is anything to go by, it will be well worth it.

Outer Banks

“Outer Banks” was one of Netflix’s more surprising breakout hits. Combining adventure, drama, romance, and suspense, the series has captivated audiences of all ages.

Wrapping up the treasure hunt from the previous seasons while introducing the intriguing plot of Blackbeard’s treasure for the upcoming season was a genius move. It keeps the thrill alive while providing a fresh perspective and direction for the storyline. It’s this combination of resolving past mysteries while hinting at future adventures that have always kept “Outer Banks” lively and engaging.

The labor strikes have, unfortunately, delayed many anticipated TV shows and movies, including “Outer Banks.” Filming and production schedules have been thrown off course. Given the show’s popularity and the eagerness of fans, it’s likely Netflix will prioritize getting the season produced and released as soon as feasible after the strikes are resolved.

The Recruit

“The Recruit” has indeed become a compelling addition to Netflix’s roster of action and thriller series. It seems Netflix has found a niche in delivering edge-of-the-seat experiences, with series like “The Lincoln Lawyer,” “The Night Agent,” and now “The Recruit.” The platform’s dedication to diversifying its library with high-octane, plot-driven series is evident, and the reception of these shows indicates that they’re on the right track.

Noah Centineo, primarily known for his romantic roles, especially in the “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” series, took a new direction with “The Recruit.” His portrayal of Owen Hendricks adds depth and complexity to the show, which likely contributed to its swift renewal for a second season.

Given the general timelines for filming and post-production, if “The Recruit” season 2 starts filming in 2024, we might expect a release either at the tail end of the year or, more likely, in early 2025. Given the cliffhangers and plot developments from the first season, the wait will undoubtedly be worth it for fans.

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