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Hello and welcome to Daily Wisely! I’m Josh, the heart and soul behind this hub where we share content to live a better, healthier, and happier life.

Sometimes that means exciting news, stories, or trends, while other times, we explore new ideas that claim to help us live smarter. I’m constantly curious about ideas and fads that may help improve our daily routines (or at least bring a little humor or intrigue).

About Josh

I’m a millennial who retired a bit younger than most. I’ve had early success in my business career, but also my share of ups and downs, just like everyone else. After striving and sometimes failing to find love, happiness, and success, I focused on trying to simply enjoy the journey. That’s what led me to run Daily Wisely and discuss what I find critical to getting the most out of life – wealth, health, love, and leisure.

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(me in Nepal)


Leisure is not just about idleness or escape; it’s about recharging, rejuvenating, and reconnecting with oneself. For me, it’s about being outdoors and being active.

I love skiing, biking, hiking, and running, and you can sure bet I’ll be covering everything in between. I’ve been fortunate enough to pursue all these activities on six continents (Antarctica still escapes me). Here at Daily Wisely, we’re passionate about exploring and enjoying the great outdoors.


Here we believe that laughter and love are essential to living well and being happy. Don’t believe me? Read some of our top stories on love, relationships, and even some pop culture related to love stories and trends.

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Enjoying much of anything is hard if you’re sick or unwell. When we’re young, we take vitality and energy for granted. When we’ve had a scare or two, we realize it’s time to prioritize health – everything else falls apart.

From stretching, moving, mindfulness, and eating well, we love discussing what keeps us feeling fit and sharp. What are you curious about?


Wealth is not about indulgence but rather the freedom to choose, invest in oneself, seek the best for our loved ones, and contribute meaningfully to society. It acts as an enabler. With wealth, one can explore diverse cultures, taste exquisite cuisines, or even take a break to rejuvenate when life gets overwhelming.

With a degree in economics from Cornell University’s Business School, it’s impossible for me not to slip in some tidbits on finance or investing. I promise to keep it light and most of the detailed personal finance content on my other passion website- Top Dollar, but I will dig into lighter content and stories related to money.

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The ‘growth’ section of the site is dedicated to the exploration of self-improvement, innovative thoughts, and the evolution of the human spirit. Within this space, let’s dive into thought-provoking ideas, insights, life-hacks, and resources that challenge traditional perspectives and inspire transformative change in ourselves and the world around us. Whether you’re seeking strategies for personal development, or simply looking to ignite a newfound passion or perspective, this section serves as a beacon for those on a quest for a more enriched and enlightened life.

Daily Wisely is a journey of continuous growth. Feel free to browse or dig deeper into the community, and please reach out with advice, feedback, or new ideas. Thank you for being a part of the story. Here’s to living wisely, each and every day!