Airbnb or Hotel? How to Decide Where to Stay When You’re Travelling in London


Travelling requires a lot of research before you pack your bags up and set sail. What is the best place to eat? What can I do in the city? Are the markets in the area good and affordable? But the most important question of all: What options do I have in terms of accommodation?

AirBnb or Hotel

Making a decision when it comes to where you are going to live while you are travelling can be extremely painstaking. Hours of browsing through websites and ratings can get you doubting one option over the other. You have to weigh out initially whether you want to choose spending time in perhaps a Luxury Hotel or go for a more home-oriented comfortable option, such as an Airbnb.

Is There Much Of A Difference?

The main difference between the two is that a hotel, in most cases, is owned by large companies that provide a varied option in terms of accommodation options, food and comfort, and at times have added benefits depending on what you are asking (and paying) for! On the other hand an Airbnb revolves around an individual business-making venture that a particular owner possesses independently. In an Airbnb you may have to make do with options present or be comfortable with the self-serving concept.

What Does An Airbnb Offer?

London is a busy city and there are many temporary Airbnb units that can cater to your choice of stay. You can browse through reviews and images on the internet to provide a better idea of what people have to offer and whether their services align with what you are expecting from your trip.

Airbnb’s provide for a local and more down to earth experience when travelling in London. The city’s rich culture and variety reflects in the housing options provided where you can get a better overall insight of quality of lifestyle. The hosts are more involved and hospitable in terms of your needs and can even help you navigate around if you are new to the city!

Airbnb or Hotel Where to Stay

It may definitely reach the point of value for your money because the purpose of setting up such a concept revolves around spending less on accommodation and more on your trip. Airbnb rooms may range from an affordable amount such as 60 pounds for a room and up to 200 pounds to gain access to the entire facility. You can also save money in terms of food as the units will include a kitchen unlike majority of the hotels.

Though you are saving pocket, at times Airbnb’s require minimum ‘stay agreements’. For example, certain owners require you to pay fee that covers two nights worth of stay which can be a disadvantage if you are looking for a place for the night. Furthermore, since the space is shared there will be problems faced regards privacy if the host is present.

Would Staying In A Hotel Be Wiser?

Compared to an Airbnb, hotels seem to be more feasible for people who might be planning an extended stay in London.

 Your choice can definitely depend on the location of the hotel you are staying at. For example, the Moxy Stratford is placed at a wonderful location next to the Stratford train station and Westfield Shopping Center. This allows for both, ease in access to commute from one part of the city to another whilst also being able to explore recreational centers nearby.

Staying in a hotel may also give you a full luxury experience which you may not entirely wake up to at an Airbnb. You do not have to worry about cooking, housekeeping, safety and are provided with further amenities within the hotel itself such as gyms, spas, restaurants, bars and indoor pools! Though hotels provide varied options of selecting the kind of room you want, they come at a great cost and can amount to over 250 pounds, depending on the suite you choose.

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 So What Is The Better Option?

There are many factors that go into deciding whether you would want to stay in a Hotel or an Airbnb such as safety, costs and the general experience you are looking for. The information above can essentially help you weigh out those options so you can make a more well-informed decision and get the most out of your experience!

London is the city to explore when you are on vacation! Depending on your stay and budget, it would be best to research a more feasible option for your holiday needs. If you are someone who is staying for a limited time in the city and wants to dive into the culture and activities in London, perhaps an Airbnb would be the place to crash. If you have a decent budget and an extended stay and want to get the most out of your trip, then booking a luxury hotel at a perfect location in the city can cater to all your needs!

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