5 Ways to Build Muscle at Home

build strength at home

Would you like to build muscle at home? Here are 5 Ways to Build Muscle at Home. Read on!

To build a solid foundation for your strength, it is important to work in different areas of the body. It’s a common mistake to only focus on the arms, the butt or the legs. Or just the parts that most people look at first. However, overall strength can support the body to more complete ways, and you may find yourself feeling better along the way. These are five focus points that we every workout should contain:

5 Ways to Build Muscle at Home:
Ways to Build Muscle at Home

Straight arm

Exercises for the straight arm helps to enhance the power that is required to perform acts like the deadlift. When the focus is on the scapular region, you can maintain a stable, straight bar path along with the correct form. Instead of a barbell, make use of any overhead anchor to do the exercises. Throw a band over the pullup bar and do straight arm pushdowns with the elbows locked. If not, do a sliding bodyweight pulldown using a towel on the floor.

Bench press alternatives

The bench press is a favorite among all the gym enthusiasts. Are you worried about missing those shoulder and scapular mobility? Well, all you need to mimic the bench press is by working on the deltoids with a couple of push up variations. A couple of plank push-ups can get you those fantastic looking abs. It works all those muscles that are otherwise engaged during close grip back press. For improving the stability of your back and shoulders, the back-widow exercise is the perfect fit.

Thoracic spine mobility

It is essential to retain a proper upper body posture throughout the training process. Thoracic extension exercises are crucial to open up after flexion. Overhead banded walk back can be great for stretching your spine. Put a band over a pullup bar and carry out the same. Try wall slide by raising your arms against your sides. There are different foam rolling that can help you to do targeted thoracic extensions.

Enhancing hip strength

Most of us do not give due importance to the hips, and this is a significant mistake. It is vital to work those glutes, torso, and other muscles in the hip region to counter muscle imbalances. Calm shell is a great move to get the legs engaged without affecting the trunk. Slide lunge, a favorite among gymnasts, is also a classic bodyweight move. You can include a dumbbell to slide lunge to further work on your adductor muscles. End your hip workout with a hip drop that improves the overall strength of your hips.

Building shoulder strength

As a weightlifter or for any workout routines, building shoulder strength is imperative. The deltoids and the traps are the core muscles to be engaged in such routines. Many easy face pulls variations will give excellent results. A handstand push up is perfect for getting your shoulders working similar to a bench press. Turn the same to a wall walk to get complete mobility for the shoulder muscles. Raises, different press variations, and the use of bands can all be tried out.

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An exercise schedule to meet your workout requirements, complete nutrition, plenty of fluids, and quality sleep can be your best friends for this quarantine/ lockdown. Make sure you don’t tire yourself or get yourself injured. Happy working out!


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