10 Ways to Save Money Secretly While Shopping Online

save money while shopping online

Everyone wants to get good things; food, clothes, gadgets and so on, with little or no money at all. That is where you need to save money secretly for later usage.

Ways to Save Money Secretly when Online Shopping

Here are ways to save every dollar and cent while shopping online.

1.  Use promo codes 

This is an all-time favourite, promo codes from coupons help stretch every dollar a little more. Coupons.com, Groupon.com are sites to check frequently for generated promo codes.

2.  Keep items on your ‘buy later’ list in your online shopping carts

It is advisable to have a separate account for online shopping, to avoid spams in your regular email account. You get emails notifying you when a price has dropped, although not all retailers use the price drop notifications, a lot of others do. 

3. Make use of Ebates for all your check outs

Ebates (now Rakuten) is a website where you can get a return in cash on most online purchases you make as well as coupons. Clicking the checkout button will give you an automatic rebate, adding coupon codes to pile up discounts before you finally check out your order.

4.  Double coupons for discounted sales

Commonly, an item will go on sale once every month, particularly during holidays, weekends. If coupons are mailed to you at regular intervals, wait patiently for a sale before using it.

5.   Use the Google shopping table to evaluate various retailer prices

Typing in an item’s name in Google (the shopping table feature) before making purchase on a retailer’s site helps to see prices on other retailer’s sites at a glimpse.

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6.  Shop at home and pick up in store

If you are not qualified for free shipping, check if you can order , then pick up at your local store as an alternative.

10 Ways to Save Money Secretly While Shopping Online

7.  Register for email discounts that let you redeem points

A number of retailer sites will regularly gift 10-15% off coupons when you register as an email subscriber.

8.  Search ‘’As Is’’ on shopping sites for mind blowing discounts on returned items

If items are returned, they are often sold at 50-70% off. Confirm the description to find the return season, most times items are being discounted because some stitching has gone loose, but can be fixed, or there’s a stain somewhere, but can be cleaned out.

9.  Download retailers’ savings app for your favourite stores to shop

These apps are available on your mobile app store, check out Kirkland’s Spin-To-Win app and Target’s Cartwheel app.

10. Prepare to make big purchases for seasonal trends  

Retailers give discount on items when they are trying to declutter old inventory, to make room for new ones. Thus knowing the best time to buy things is important.

The best trick of all is to know how many of these techniques you can use together.

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