When to Rekindle an Old Flame… And When Not To

When to Rekindle an Old Flame

For some getting back together with an ex may seem like old flame the ultimate imagination coming into manifestation; however that could cause more harm than good.

Rekindle an Old Flame

A lot of us still dwell on the past, in fact about 62% would gladly consider getting back with an ex. For a moment, the things that went wrong in the relationship become less important and all you think about is getting back together with the former flame. Feelings like nostalgia could take over and force you to relive those painful memories that led to the break up.

rekindle an old flame

Unlike in the movie ‘’ Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’’ where two strangers meet at the beach, became drawn to each other. Unbeknownst to them, they had been former lovers who had gone through a painful breakup and had their memories wiped.

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Tips before getting back

You can’t wipe your memory in reality, but here are few tips that can help when your ex sends a text, an email or comes into the picture again.

  • Before rekindling an old flame, discussing what went wrong in the first place. A times revisiting a past relationship could be a good thing; it could help you put things in perspective. This can only work if both parties are able to communicate.
  • Getting back with an ex may seem like a good thing to do. But know that you’re doing yourself more harm than good. Let your broken heart heal, part of the healing process involves getting comfortable with the idea of being by yourself
  • Jealousy is normal; imagine seeing your ex with a new love. You think ‘’ we were better together’’, ‘’we were meant for each other’’. Expressing a little jealousy is fine, just deal with it.
  • Do you miss your ex or are you just scared of dating again? Sure, getting into the dating game could be hard work as your ex already knew your favourite songs, movies, how you liked your coffee, your food allergies. Thus getting back together seems like the safest bet than another awkward first date; however one of those dates could just be the start of something new.
  • Remember why you broke up initially, if your ex verbally harassed you or cheated on you, do you really what to relive such moments? Is it worth it?
  • Stop wasting your time and energy on something that continually brings you pain and grief. Do not keep trapping yourself in an on-off relationship, it becomes tiring, keeping a long- term relationship is commendable, however with multiple break ups? Not worth it.




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