What Keeps You Motivated On Your Wellness Journey? Real People Share Their Stories

What Keeps You Motivated On Your Wellness Journey MAIN

Getting fit, healthy, and happy isn’t a destination to reach. Instead, it is a journey in itself that has its ups and downs. Growth teaches you so much about your mind and body and it is a journey of continuous improvement over a lifetime. Some days we have a lot of motivation, and other, we don’t. It is always great to have help and learn from other people. Here are the stories of people who have shared what motivated them on their wellness journey.

Leslie Fischer

Sleep and its quality are important factors in helping you maintain your overall health. Many Americans sleep less than seven hours a night, and this is not healthy. Leslie Fischer is a mother of four little boys, and she couldn’t get enough sleep to stay motivated on her wellness journey.

Of course, she needed time to relax and unwind, which is why she decided to go to bed earlier and banned electronics from her room. Besides that, she also installed blackout shades to boost her sleep. As she took this step, she woke up with much better energy levels.

Leslie stopped feeling exhausted all day, and it was the greatest gift she gave her body. If you struggle with getting enough sleep, you can take some inspiration from Leslie and resolve to fix your sleep quality and pattern. Once you do, your energy levels will change drastically during the day.

Rachel Kasab

Many of us don’t like what we see in the mirror, and it can make us stuck in a cycle which is difficult to get out of. However, once you realize you aren’t happy with yourself, you must take the step to health and wellness. This is exactly what Rachel did to take control of her health.

She lost more than sixty pounds, and during this journey, she created an Instagram account, blog, and website to keep herself accountable while sharing her journey with others. Of course, not everyone was supportive, but even that taught her a lesson. Accountability is important to maintain your wellness journey and remain healthy.

You can take some inspiration from Rachel and share your journey with her. Once you do, it will help you stay on track as you will focus on your goals and what you need to do to stay healthy and well.

What Keeps You Motivated On Your Wellness Journey Body

Tom Smith

Do you feel sick and tired all the time? Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? If you are, then you and Tom Smith have been in the same boat, as he kept on getting sick.

Of course, that made him take charge of his health as he wanted to become a healthier individual. He was allergic to sugar, milk, and wheat, which made things even worse. This was the time when he began to work out and changed his eating habits.

One of the best things he did for himself was completely change his diet. It allowed him to shed weight and remain healthy for the rest of his life. He also shares that the support from his family was what motivated him the most to stay on track with his goals.

Elinor Kugler

Stress takes our happiness away and can impact how we feel about ourselves. Kugler’s motivation was that she was feeling anxious and stressed all the time, which is why she decided to make some changes to her life. She is a blogger and pastry chef, and she baked hundreds of products each day, which meant she also had to taste them.

Of course, that wasn’t good for her diet, as it consisted of lots of Coke, coffee, and processed food. She felt so stressed that she started having breakdowns. Right then, Kugler decided it was time for a change, and she decided to cut out all unhealthy food from her life.

Kugler chose to embrace a healthy lifestyle, eat real food, and only select clean foods for her diet. Her anxiety and stress became her motivation, and even you can turn those negative emotions into something positive. So, if you want to change your lifestyle, you must use your emotions to drive you to do better.

Final Words

These are the motivations of some people, and you can use them for yourself. It is not easy to make changes in your life, but it becomes necessary when you are compromising your health. See what changes you need to make in your life and then stay motivated during your path.

You can take the support of friends and family while keeping yourself accountable on your wellness journey. Each step counts, which is why you must start today and be determined in your approach to lead a healthier lifestyle. Once you take the first step, the rest will automatically fall into place, and you will thank your past self later on for staying resilient.

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