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Which Travel Destinations Top the List for Summer Vacations 2022

No doubt that summer is the best time to have a memorable trip with your partner or family. In summer or early fall you may have enough time to have a long trip and even visit multiple countries. Therefore, it is essential to plan a month before your trip to ensure everything goes smoothly. Discover which Travel Destinations Top the List for Upcoming Vacations!

The first thing that you start with is deciding a destination to visit. Once you have the destination confirmed, it is easier for you to start with the official formalities and other preparation.

Are you having difficulty deciding a destination to visit for your summer vacation? We’ve got you covered with the top 10 destinations you can visit. Keep reading!

Top 10 Destinations For Summer Vacations

Here are the top ten places you can plan your summer vacations too.

Cappadocia and Istanbul

Known as the land of hot air balloons, Cappadocia is the best to visit during summer. Although no doubt, be in Istanbul or Cappadocia, Turkey is a beautiful country to enjoy your summer vacations.

However, the horizon filled with hot air balloons while you are in one of them is such a great moment to experience.


Are you looking to experience a snowy summer vacation? Greenland is the only place where you can have such a memorable experience.

When there is no sign of snow or cold temperature, Greenland offers you unique weather from June to September. In addition, there are countless fun activities to enjoy.

In summer, the days are longer, and you will have enough daylight to experience everything. It is a paradise for backpackers and hikers. However, make sure to carry warm clothes to avoid any inconvenience caused by the weather.


The best city in the Czech Republic, Prague is the perfect destination to enjoy summer vacations. Furthermore, Prague is one of the most affordable places to visit due to economic factors.

The culture and architecture in Prague are going to amaze you. It is a top tourist destination in Europe. However, Prague can be one of the destinations in your summer plan as three to four days are enough to visit everything in Prague.


One of the best cities in Nepal, the views in Pokhara are just stunning. There are no words to define how beautiful the city is with a lake situated right in its heart. The sunsets are to die for.

Paragliding over the snow-capped mountains and just admiring nature will refresh your soul. There are many other adventurous activities that you can experience and enjoy.

New Zealand: a good option any time of year!

Known as a paradise for nature lovers, every city in New Zealand has something unique to offer. However, the landscape needs no introduction as it is one of the summer’s most popular tourist destinations.

The scenic beauty and majestic landscape are worth a trip. If you plan to go to New Zealand, don’t forget to visit Hobbiton. Once you go there, you will know why we mentioned it.

New Zealand Tour - travel destination summer vacations


Maui is a hidden gem in Hawaii, the perfect tropical place to visit during summer vacations. Besides 30 miles of beaches, you will have many other activities to indulge in. Snorkeling and admiring the underwater beauty is the best activity you have to try at least once in your life.

In addition, the Haleakala National Park is perfect for hiking at experiencing the wildlife.


Marseille, one of France’s most beautiful port cities, is a must-visit. Besides the beauty, Marseille is a city rich in culture and has over 1500 years of history. It is one of the best places to visit if you like to roam around towns and admire the unique architecture.

Ensure to visit the old port area that has been a vital part of trading for more than 2,500 years.


Popular as a honeymoon destination, Mauritius is an amazing destination to plan a vacation with your partner. The coral reefs and beaches make it a wonderful spot for your vacations.

The crystal clear blue water and the cool climate during summer are all you want.


The coast of Amalfi, Italy, is a gem of a place to visit. The dense forest and glimpse of the spectacular and unique pastel buildings on the cliff will leave you in awe.

Have a busy day exploring everything part of the coast and reserve the night for stargazing. No doubt the nightlife is also perfect for relaxing and clubbing.

Paros: a great idea for summer vacation!

You may have already heard about Paros, one of the most stylish Greek islands. You will see the whole town painted white, that looks great. The reason why they are painted white is to match the clear turquoise water of the ocean.

This makes a great view for the boats approaching the island. In addition, there are many sightseeing attractions that you will on the island.

Final Words

These are the top ten destinations that are perfect for your summer vacations. So make sure to visit at least one of them for the best and the most memorable vacation.

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