Teenage Boy Bedroom Ideas

Teenage Boy Bedroom Ideas

The teen age for a bit is when he begins to come into his own element, and he begins to take a stand for what he likes and doesn’t. Developing ideas on how their room should be styled isn’t easy as they are pretty much their own men. Luckily for you we have some ideas that would make the transition from child to teen seamless when it comes to the design of their rooms 

For a teen boy his room his like his own fortress where he is king, and he can express his own identity through putting up posters and displaying his collection of comics, it’s also a place for him to entertain his friends. So how do you tackle his sudden change in taste. 

1. Add a flash of color with acid yellow 

Out with the common blue and grey colors and in with the new, vibrant acid yellow which can be incorporated into the room with furnitures like a ladder for a double bed where the lower end could be converted into a couch to entertain his friends. 

2. Add some extra sitting options 

A chair or two with some beanbags would do the room some good, cause the last thing they would want is a grown up listening to his conversation with friends. The additional sitting options makes it feel like his own private den. 

3. Get grown up with stripes 

With boys you can’t be amiss with the boarding school look. An iron bed and a stripped wallpaper to give the room that feel of school

4. Go from kid to teen with a nautical theme 

Make the move to a teen boys room with an adult nautical theme. Start with a nautical themed wallpaper as the backdrop then add other accessories. 

5. Start with a blank canvas that is easy to change

Not to be too pushy why not start with a blank canvas on the walls which are easily adaptable to the interest of your teen boy. 

6. Let your teenager express himself 

In keeping with the previous suggestion, a blank wall means space for your teenage boys to express himself in his formative years. To be honest which Teen boy wouldn’t love a bit if his own creativity on his own wall and it’s also cheaper meaning you won’t have to spend in wallpapers. 

7. Stamp style with accessories

If allowing him to get creative on the walls is a bit too far then you could let him get creative with the accessories in the room like his duvet color which could be changed when he gets tired of the style. 

8. Show off cool collection

If He has a cool collection of stuff he cherish like caps or shoes it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give him a space to show off his proud collection.

9. Make room with a high sleeper

A high sleeper is perfect if you’re short on space, this multipurpose piece of furniture could serve as a place to sleep, study and relax. 

10. Set up a smart study area

You can’t go wrong with a nice and smart study area. Investing in good quality desk and chair with a shelf is worth it as the teen years are fraught with exams. 

11. Inject energy with orange

The orange color would add some vitality and inventiveness into any space but limit it to one wall of the room and let the contrasting color be a cool monochrome like grey. 





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