Spend Now, Regret It Later: 10 Worst Impulse Buys Ever

Spend Now Regret It Later 10 Worst Impulse Buys Ever

In life, we have all experienced impulse buying. It can be due to something that was on sale, you felt the need to have it, or it appeared to look good during purchasing.

Worst Impulse Buys Ever

Below are some of the impulse buys that most people have regretted ever buying during the holiday sales.

Exercise Equipment

During the holiday season, there is usually a lot of eating involved. You may be tempted to purchase some exercise equipment to help you get back in shape.

Consider purchasing the equipment around January, when the prices are low and discounted.

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Expensive Laptops

You may have been saving the whole year to gift yourself a high-end laptop because of end of year offers. Somehow you will reason the computer will be affordable and you will save some cash. It is advisable to wait a little longer and purchase around the end of January beginning of February.

During the New Year, many companies are having a clearance sale and bring in more recent versions. Hold on and purchase when the prices are well discounted.


You have wanted to change your living room furniture year long and think that you will score some seats at a reasonable sale price during the holiday season.

Hold on first before purchasing the furniture and benefit from the January clearance offers. You will end up buying expensive looking furniture for a low price.


Purchasing your holiday decorations during the holiday season can be costly. Why not start early in the year when stores have clearance discounts. You can buy then store them until the holiday season.

Winter Clothing

The holiday season comes with the temptation of buying some cashmere sweaters or a pair of Italian leather boots. Usually, such items are expensive around the holiday season. You can hold off impulse buying and save some money.

Worst Impulse Buys Ever

The best time to purchase winter clothes would be after winter. Stores have fantastic deals, and that is the best time to go shopping in readiness for the next holiday season.


You want the perfect family photo capturing precious holiday moments. If you are looking for a professional DSLR camera, avoid purchasing around November or December. Experts’ advice the best time to get a good camera is around February.


Maybe you have wanted a new washing machine or a dishwasher, and you think during the holiday sale you will get them cheaply. Try and hold on a little longer and check on offers during February, Memorial Day in May, or Labour Day sales in September.

Appliance stores have 30% to 50% off, and you will find brand names such as LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool.

Outdoor Weather Gear

Winter outdoor gear can have sweet offers, especially during the Black Friday offer. Do not be fooled. Wait for the sale around February and March to get the bags 50% or more off.

Video Games

Video game consoles tend to be expensive, especially during the holiday season. It can happen because some games are released just before the winter holidays.

You can keep an eye on offers that will be available the following year.

Tool Sets

Gifting a loved one some toolsets is a great idea. If you are looking for a great bargain, visit the stores in early June, just before Father’s Day. You will get a good offer on the toolsets you have been eyeing.


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