Self Love How To Trust And Take Care Of Yourself While In A Relationship

Self-Love: How To Trust And Take Care Of Yourself While In A Relationship

It is easy to be swept off your feet by your significant other and completely lose your sense of self in the relationship. So you stop prioritizing yourself, start prioritizing the relationship, and do everything to make the relationship work. However, such a relationship is doomed to fail because you must maintain your individuality while still being with someone.

Taking care of yourself and doing the things that make you happy is crucial. If you are someone that struggles to maintain their sense of self in a relationship, you have come to the right place. Here is a complete guide on trusting and caring for yourself while being with a significant other.

How To Maintain A Strong Sense Of Self In Your Relationship

Many people lose their identity and sense of self-worth in the relationship. They forget who they are, and it also causes problems in the long run. This is why it is important to maintain a strong sense of self in a relationship.

Here are some ways you can make that happen:

  • Know what matters to you and what you like
  • Clearly say no when something doesn’t resonate with your identity or feel good
  • Take out time for yourself
  • Spend time with your family and friends apart from your partner
  • Have your own goals and pursue them with passion
  • Make time for the interests and hobbies you have
  • Stay true to your value system
  • If you want something from your partner, just ask

All of these little things go a long way when it comes to strengthening your sense of self. Both of you should have a strong individuality outside the relationship. It will help you add more to the relationship because when you love yourself, you can extend the same love to another person.

How To Cultivate Self-Love Daily

It is easy to read all of these things, but it can be difficult to put these practices into practical use. After all, many of us have a tendency to please others and put their needs over our own. However, here are a few ways you can practice self-care daily to maintain your sense of self:

Take Time For Hobbies

Our hobbies make us who we are because they help us stay grounded outside of our work and responsibilities. Make time for your hobbies daily so that you can remain happy in the relationship. For example, if you love painting or dancing, you can take out at least 30 minutes for yourself daily to immerse yourself in your hobbies.

Self Love How To Trust And Take Care Of Yourself While In A Relationship Body

In the long run, these thirty minutes will have a compound effect and will increase your happiness levels. Research also shows that people who have hobbies are less likely to suffer from depression, low mood levels, and stress. So, never give up your hobbies in a relationship.


There is no doubt that exercise improves our mental and physical well-being. Even if you can take out fifteen minutes a day, you should move your body. It will release feel-good hormones that will help you stay happy and enjoy your daily life.

Besides that, it will also improve your physical well-being in the long run. You can also start with walking or running and build your way towards working out. It is all about taking small steps every day to build the life you want and take care of yourself.

Take Out Time For Relaxation

The top challenge of the modern world is that we are constantly busy because many people don’t have a work-life balance. If you add a relationship to the mix, then you have to take out even more time to build something with another person. In all of this, it is crucial that you spend some time relaxing.

For example, you can wake up ten minutes earlier and do deep-breathing exercises or meditate before you start your day. You can also opt for journaling to help you relax and free the clutter in your mind. Find what works for you, and don’t forget to take out time to relax in your schedule.

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Communicate Your Needs

Our partners are not mind readers, which is why it is crucial to communicate your needs. You have to say what is on your mind so that they understand where you are coming from and what you need. If you don’t communicate, you will not get what you want.

So, if you want to maintain your sense of self, make sure you tell your partner what you need from the relationship. This will help strengthen the relationship while ensuring that you remain your authentic self.

What Are Some Signs That You May Be Neglecting Yourself In A Relationship?

It is important to objectively look at your relationship and see the warning signs before you completely lose yourself in the relationship. Here are some telltale signs that will let you know if you have compromised your self-worth in the relationship:

  • Constantly putting your partner’s wants and needs above your own
  • Feeling guilty or anxious when you prioritize yourself
  • Neglecting your social connections for the relationship
  • Not setting clear boundaries for spending time by yourself
  • Wishing that your needs are met
  • Feeling empty and resentful for putting so much of yourself into the relationship

If you feel any of these things, it means that you need to find a balance between your sense of self and the relationship. You can talk it out with your partner and find common ground to maintain your identities while being with one another.

Final Thoughts

That was a complete guide to understanding how you can trust and take care of yourself while being in a relationship. Your top priority should be yourself and then your relationship. After all, you can’t love another person when your own cup is empty.

So, make sure you fill your own cup first to love others in the best way possible. This is how you build a successful relationship for the long term.

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