Picky Eaters: 10 Tips to Cook Meals Everyone Will Love

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Enjoying all kinds of foods is not for everyone. Some people have always been picky eaters ever since they were young. Trying to find the best meal for them to eat can be a significant struggle.

The list below will guide you on tips you can employ to prepare meals everyone will love.

Avoid Processed Food and Drinks

Processed foods contain artificial flavours, colours, and lots of sugar. Such additives convince the brain that it needs more processed meals and cause you to crave such meals. Try and always prepare whole foods that your loved ones will enjoy.

You can always replace juices and sodas with homemade juice like lemonades or those from fresh juice.

Cook One Meal

In households where there are picky kids, you will find that you always prepare two or more meals to accommodate the picky eaters.

Try preparing one meal that everyone will not have a problem with eating. You will save time and also the hustle of having to cook twice.

Prepare and Cook with Picky Eaters

A great tip is to try and prepare your meals with picky eaters. You can explain to them what the meal entails and whatever they do not like, you can omit and replace it with something they love.

By cooking your meals with either your kids or husband/wife, you understand why they do not like certain meals and the things you can replace for them to start enjoying their food.

Keep Changing the Menu

You will agree that having the same meals over and over again can be tedious. Try changing the menu and introduce fresh foods. Changing the taste buds will help picky eaters to embrace and enjoy their meals.

Introduce new cooking methods like oven roasting, frying, grilling, or baking your meals.

Consider Food Texture and Flavour

Think of the food texture your picky eaters enjoy. Some prefer crunchy meals, while others prefer soft and mushy foods. Some eaters do not like heavily spiced meals. You can try and incorporate natural herbs that will add flavour to the food.

Introduce more Vegetables

Try serving your meals with some vegetables. They can either be cooked or raw like salads. When a picky eater eats a meal they do not like, the vegetable can complement the meal making it more palatable.

Add Colour

When a meal has only one dull colour, a picky eater will not want to indulge. Adding colour using different vegetables will make the food look more enticing. You can add vegetables like carrots, green peas, and potatoes, red and yellow bell peppers, among others.

Not only will these vegetables add colour, but they will also add taste and a pleasing aroma.

Go for Grocery Shopping

Always prepare your grocery list early before going for shopping. Please consult with the picky eater about what they would like to include in the list. You can also tag them along to the grocery store and identify the kind of meals they want.

Prepare a Suitable Dinner Plan

Draw a suitable dinner plan that will favour both you and the picky eater. The list can be a weekly one that will guide you on what best to prepare and be enjoyed by the whole family.

Be Creative

If you have kids that are picky eaters, be creative. You can cut the vegetables and fruits in the shape of animals or something that the child likes. You will be surprised how much they will enjoy it.




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