Choosing a Nutrition App to Set You on a Path to Eating Better.

Need a Nutritionist These Apps Will Help You Eat Healthier for You

Eating healthy every day isn’t as easy as it seems- It can be hard coming up with new ideas for something that tastes good, doesn’t take forever to make, and is also healthy for your body. Putting the time and effort to plan out healthier food tailored to your preferences and nutritional requirements can indeed be difficult in a world busy with to-do lists and work. The good news is that now there are various nutritional apps available that’ll help you with preparing meals that are best suited for you.

Top Nutritional Applications That Can Help you Get Started


This app’s highly tailored meal plans are a godsend for people who have tight nutrition needs. Clients complete a lifestyle questionnaire that contains questions on food choices, health and wellness, calorie targets, allergies, and routines—the application analyses 50 data points to produce a personalized meal plan particularly suited for you. The meal plans are designed by the nutritionists themselves, whom you can contact by phone or chat. This app even caters to individuals who are diabetic.

Keep in mind that Platejoy will not allow you to upload your own recipes, plus its premium version is costly compared to other apps.


Mealime provides easy-to-use, customized meal plans that you may tailor modify according to your diet, along with omitting items you don’t enjoy. This app is accessible for both Apple and Android. Upon entering your specifications, you’ll be provided with a range of recipe options, each with pictures, straightforward instructions, and an organized list of ingredients. An added plus is that almost all of the meals take less than 45 minutes to create.

Mealime provides meal plans - Need a Nutritionist

However, one of the primary disadvantages is that you are restricted to the recipes offered on the program and cannot upload your own. Furthermore, you cannot save past used meal plans, customize calorie choices, or access nutrition information unless you pay to the pro version.

Eat This Much

Taking your tastes and calorie objectives as a guide, the application will build bespoke healthy meal plans from its data. It also enables users to upload recipes from the internet or add them themselves. It consists of a calorie counter plus a database of recipes of basic food to favorite restaurant meals. The special feature of this app is the barcode scanner which allows any food item to be scanned directly to your account.

The downside is that you can prepare daily meals only if you’re using the free version. To unlock weekly plans, you will have to upgrade to the premium account.


If you’re short on time and want to cook something healthy in large batches, then MealPrepPro is the perfect app for you. This application is intended for individuals who wish to prepare meals ahead of time for the whole week instead of every day. There are numerous recipes available that you can pick from and make in a large quantity. So whether you prefer to cook fresh every day or once every week and freeze, you can configure the application to do that.

Select your diet preferences (keto, vegan, etc.) and either allow the app to calculate your nutrition targets based upon your health indicators or choose them yourself. The software will generate a weekly menu plan for lunch and dinner (including breakfast and refreshments if desired) based on its recipe database. It also allows customizations and videos of the recipe so that you can easily follow it!


Fooducate is a great option for people searching for a diet application that records the amount and quality of calories consumed, promotes a healthier diet, and offers nutritional advice and knowledge. The most notable feature of Fooducate is the ability to monitor not only calories but also the quality of the calories consumed.

This application examines the nutrition information to check for sugar, sugar substitutes, trans fats, MSG, GMOs, and other ingredients whenever you scan a barcode. Then, depending on your health state and aims, each food item you enter is assigned a personalized nutritional grade (A, B, C, or D).

So, with the help of technology, you can easily follow a strict healthy diet plan. There are so many meal prepping applications present for you with all sorts of features that you can utilize.

What To Check When Downloading A Nutrition App

Before choosing a nutrition app, ensure that you know what your goals are. There are numerous applications present with multiple features, so you’ll have to filter out which one would work best for you. For example, some apps focus on calorie count and weight loss, whilst others emphasize more on a healthy and balanced diet. Sometimes there are additional options, especially for people who have particular dietary limitations or food allergies.

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Download nutrition applications that have received excellent ratings and are recommended by healthcare professionals. Another thing to factor in is the cost; while some apps are free to use, others require a paid subscription.

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