Do Couples From the Netflix Reality Show “Love Is Blind?” Really Stay Together?

Maybe Love Is Blind Go For It When Its Worth It

All of us want to love, be loved, and spend our lives with someone. As a result, we use different avenues to find people we can connect with. These include dating apps, reality TV shows, and much more. For example, Love Is Blind is one of the top hit series that helps people date without seeing each other. However, can this work for everyone?

Are the “Love Is Blind” Couples Staying Together?

There are many couples that got together on Love Is Blind. Three seasons have passed, and many people wonder if the couples are still staying together. Here is what you need to know about your favorite couples and if they are still together in 2023:

Kenny Barnes And Kelly Chase

Unfortunately, Kelly and Kenny are not together anymore. Since then, Kelly has been single, and she is focusing on her career. On the other hand, Kenny is currently engaged to a new partner.

Mark Cuevas And Jessica Batten

This was perhaps the most famous couple on Love Is Blind. However, both of them have moved on. Mark is married to Aubrey now, and Jessica is engaged to Benjamin.

Matt Barnett And Amber Pike

The Season 1 duo is married and living their best life. The couple celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary this year. They also share a lot of their lives on Instagram and are enjoying their happily ever after after being the first and longest lasting couple on the series.

Brennon Lemieux And Alexa Alfia

During the season three finale, Alexa and Brennon exchanged vows with one another. Since then, the couple has confirmed that they are still in love with each other.

Matt Bolton And Colleen Reed

Colleen and Matt are living in their own apartments in Texas, but they are married. However, they plan to move in together when the leases on their apartments finish.

Cameron Hamilton And Lauren Speed

Lauren and Cameron have been married for four years now, and they are incredibly happy about having each other in their lives. They keep posting about each other on their social media platforms. So, the couple is still going strong.

As you can tell, many couples have stayed together since they got together on the show. However, many of them have also parted ways. Of course, everyone has their reasons for leaving.

Not every couple stays together, and this depends on the individuals and what they want. Knowing the story before concluding why they are together or broken up is important.

Do Successful Couples Stay Together After Meeting On A Blind Date?

The idea of meeting someone on a blind date can be anxiety-inducing for many people. After all, it is a mystery box because you never know what you will get. So, you might wonder if couples stay together after meeting on a blind date. Not every successful couple will stay together after meeting on a blind date. Some of them choose to part ways because of significant differences in views.

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Love Is Blind: Here’s When To Take A Chance (And Just Go For It)

If there is anything that Love Is Blind has taught anyone, it is to take a chance on love. People have found love on this show in the most unexpected ways, which is why you can too. Here are some of the guidelines you can follow to know when you should take a chance:

1. When You Enjoy The Company Of The Person

Of course, if you want to be in a long-term commitment, then you need to enjoy the company of the person. It is one of the most important aspects that will become a foundation for a successful relationship. When you enjoy the company of your blind date, you can take a chance and see if it progresses toward anything.

Keep in mind that this is not the only thing you should look for when you realize when to take a chance. Instead, there are also other things to keep in mind that will help you decide whether your blind date is right for you.

happy couple love is blind

2. Similar Values

While you might think that opposites attract, you still need to have similar base values with the person. For example, Kyle Abrams is an atheist, and Shaina Hurley in Love Is Blind is a devout Christian. The couple clicked off in the beginning, but these values led them to split before the wedding.

That is why it is crucial to share important values that are similar. So, take a chance when you know the person shares these values.

3. Let Someone That Knows You Set You Up

Finally, if you plan on going on a blind date, let someone that knows you well set you up. After all, a friend that knows you well will set you up with someone that you can connect with. They will also understand your type and know what you like.

So, even if you have reservations, just go for it, and see what the date has to offer. Who knows, you might end up with someone you really like.

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