Joy: The Ultimate Secret to Good Health

joy secret to good health

You know that feeling of pleasantness when you bask in the euphoria of the moment? that warm fuzzy feeling you get on your inside, or the emotions that spur you to shed a tear or two because you’re happy?. Yes! that feeling is called Joy.

Ultimate Secret to Good Health and Happiness

Joy can be expressed in different forms; from your smile, to your tears, to you wanting to just scream your lungs out. 

The feeling of joy is associated with neurotransmitters which are minute chemical messengers that transmit messages between neurons or from neurons to muscles.

Ultimate Secret to Good Health and Happiness

When you feel joyful, here’s what happens exactly in your body

A. The Brain

  The emotion of joy in your body is as a result of the discharge of serotonin and dopamine; chemical substances in the body that are highly associated with happiness. Often times, people suffering from clinical depression usually possess lower levels of these chemicals.

 Every emotion we feel is associated with the brain, thus, when you feel happy, your brain gets the sign to discharge these chemical substances into your sensory system 

B.  The Circulatory System 

  The impacts of emotions on the circulatory system are expressed in diverse ways. It could be in facial expressions, sweaty palms, the skip of a heart beat, butterflies in the belly and so on. 

Joy is definitely not the only feeling that the system influences. Fear, anxiety, sadness and other emotions can cause responses in these parts of the body.

C. The Autonomic Nervous System

This consist of involuntary muscles responsible for the movement of food during digestion, breathing, blood flow as well as other processes the body does with no deliberate effort from you. 

Notice how when you engage in something fun or something you love, you feel elated and your breathing speeds up or slows down?, Yes!! emotions like joy can affect this system.

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D. Do you know that you can actually trick your body into feeling happy?,

 Yes!!! Mind blowing!!, smiling can play a stunt on your brain thus, reducing your stress land anxiety level and lifting your spirit. Note that smiling does not have to be a function of your real emotions or what you feel right there, ‘faking’ emotions also works.

 Exercising can also reduce uneasiness and worries by discharging good endorphins amongst other natural chemical substances to aid your level of health. Basic exercises like going out to enjoy the ambience of your environment, walking a pet, taking a stroll, or visiting a loved one can also help boost your temperament.

 Now you know how your body and emotions or feelings can work hand in hand, therefore, it’s simpler and easier to feel happy everyday. 


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