Is Your Relationship Helping You Grow as a Person?

Is Your Relationship Helping You Grow as a Person 1

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for years or you’re just starting a new relationship, it is absolutely essential that your relationship, and your relationship partner, help you grow as a person.  It can be hard to tell if this is happening, especially if you are in the throes of a new relationship.  

Is your Relationship Helping you Grow?

The following are some ways to determine if your relationship is a healthy one.

It is Your #1 Priority

In almost any healthy romantic relationship, the relationship itself takes top priority in your life.  That doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t still hang out with other people, spend time apart, or argue every once in a while, but it does mean that your partner should mean more to you than anyone else.  If this is not the case, it is definitely worth talking to your partner about your doubts and any other feelings you may have.  

Is your Relationship Helping you Grow

You Openly Communicate

If you are unable to openly communicate with your partner, there is little chance for a healthy relationship to form.  Even though it can be extremely hard at times, being open even about difficult subjects, like any doubts you may have about your relationship, is necessary if you want to be able to grow as a person.  Your partner should be able to talk through even these tough conversations with you if you have established a healthy relationship with open communication

In addition, avoiding dialogue that is manipulative, aggressive, or negative in any other way is another good way to ensure you maintain open communication.  Healthy relationships are those where one person does not feel targeted by the other in any way, and feels they can talk openly about literally any subject.  Being able to do this with a partner is a great way to determine whether or not they are helping you grow as a person.

You Inspire and Support Each Other 

Probably the best way to make sure your relationship is helping you grow as a person is to look at whether this is true for you and your partner.  Your partner should be able to support you through anything you may be going through, be it good or bad, and you should inspire each other to reach for your goals, however lofty they may be.  As importantly, you must avoid undermining any dream your partner sets out to accomplish.

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You Feel Accepted

Along with inspiring and supporting each other, simply accepting your partner for who they are, and vice versa, is key to feeling like you are growing as a person.  Though change is absolutely a part of growing as a person, so is feeling accepted for who you are at every moment along the way.  A healthy relationship consists of two people who are completely at peace with who they are as a person, and the other member of the relationship accepting that unconditionally.  


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