Humidifiers: Why They’re Great with Essential Oils


Using a humidifier adds moisture to the air and helps prevent any dryness in the skin, lips, throat, and nose. Humidifiers can also help treat headaches, congestion, and ease flu-like symptoms during winter months. There are both portable and personal humidifiers that can be purchased such as: impeller, steam vaporizers, ultrasonic, and evaporators. Another way to benefit the effects of a humidifier is by adding 1-2 droplets of an essential oil in. Essential oils are great for boosting one’s mood, health, and relieving headaches or discomfort. Here are some tips to using essential oils in a humidifier:

Types of Humidifiers for Essential Oil Use

            There are 2 different types of humidifiers that can work with a combination of essential oils. There is a cool mist humidifier where a fan moves air past a wick full of water that evaporates. The other option is the warm mist humidifier that heats the water to a boiling point, and has it dissipated into the air. Adding droplets of essential oil into the water tank of these types of humidifiers will help the fresh fragrance of eucalyptus, lavender, orange, peppermint, or tea tree to be spread around the room. Utilizing the cool mist humidifiers with essential oils will help prevent the risk of any damage or plastic break down of humidifiers. 

Essential Oil Benefits

There are several different essential oils that can be added to water in humidifiers to help with nasal congestion, sinus problems, headaches, and the digestive track. Popular oils that help reduce stress and bring calmness are Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Tea Tree. Utilizing the essential oils can be helpful to de-stress after a long workday and can also help improve overall sleep quality. Most oils can be purchased online and through various websites like Amazon by the bottle or can be sold in packs. Determine the right scent for you by researching the health benefits to each essential oil.


            Using humidifiers alone can be beneficial to issues such as: bloody noses, headaches, dry throats, and vocal cords. With the combination of essential oils in the humidifier it can also combat stress, exhaustion, and sinus discomfort. Not only will your house or room be filled with a nice smelling fragrance, but it also is beneficial from a health standpoint. Essential oils such as Tea Tree are used to fight off cold and flu-like symptoms as it is antiviral. Using the humidifier with essential oils is a great option to help alleviate bad symptoms and enhance with aromatherapy.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Clean the humidifier occasionally and perform maintenance checks to ensure there is no damage to the plastic.
  2. Using a cool mist humidifier will ensure there is no damage to the properties of essential oils.
  3. Add the correct amount of essential oil into the humidifier. This can be determined by assessing the water tank size or oil holding area. 
  4. Learn about the differences in essential oils and the properties they are made up of on sites like AromaWeb.






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