How To Plan The Ultimate At Home Wine Tasting

glass of wine in the yard

Do you love wine tastings? Then why not have a tasting that will have you smiling from ear to ear—not to mention drinking some delicious wines? The following is a guide on how to plan the ultimate at home wine tasting that will make you forget all about fancy tours. 

Create a Wine Tasting Theme

The earliest step you will want to consider in your tasting planning is to create a theme. What will the theme of your tasting be? Themes help keep your theme on track and give it more meaning than a simple random tasting. Here are some theme ideas you should consider for your at home wine tasting

  • Same from different regions: Consider pairing the same wines but produced in different regions, such as a white wine from France and the same white produced in California. 
  • Blind taste test of budget vs expensive wines: This can be a fun exercise to give people the opportunity to guess which wine is expensive and which is budget, all based on their perception of it taste; you’ll be surprised at how many people guess incorrectly! 
  • Wines from same region: Grouping wines from the same region together can be a great way to explore the many different wine outputs from a single region.
  • Same wine different year: This is a great way to taste test how different vintages can taste across the same.

Buy Matching Wine Glasses

Before you can be tasting party at home, you’ll need the right glasses. You should buy matching glasses—never mix and match! If you are planning on having way more guests than you can buy glasses for, consider renting them from a shop. 

Don’t Forget a Palate Cleanser

Palate cleansers are an essential part of any wine tasting. Common palate cleansers include simple club crackers as well as ice-based sorbet cleansers which can be a fun treat. 

Keep Food Small (If You Have it At All)

You don’t have to have food at your many wine tastings do not serve any food at all, aside from palate-cleansing crackers. However, you can include food if you’d like your wine tasting to offer guests a light snack to tide them over until they can get home. Keep it simple, such as one-bite slices of fruit or cheese. 

Set the Scene

Setting the scene is the perfect way to take your at-home from ordinary to extraordinary! Keep the setting simple and elegant so that guests aren’t distracted. A nice solid-colored table cloth, maybe some candles for mood lighting, and placards describing (unless you’re doing a blind taste test theme!) are the basic “must haves” in terms of wine tasting décor.

If you plan on hosting an at-home, don’t forget the most important rule: have fun, enjoy yourself, and spark up some great discussions about the wines you’re tasting with your guests.






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