How To Know If You And Your Partner Share The Same Core Beliefs

Core beliefs

As human beings, we find ourselves constantly being overpowered by the feeling of losing a loved one. We seek contentment in just the thought of being with someone. Highlighting this theory may be unsurprising for an individual who has already found his ideal soul mate. But what about those who are still in search of it? Or according to science, are suffering from thanatophobia- fear of losing someone you love.

How To Know If You And Your Partner Share The Same Core Beliefs

Over time hundreds of fancy terminologies have been coined to describe multiple situations, making them sound more complex. To say that majority of the distress has been created by humans themselves, will not be wrong. We have the power to overanalyze every minute detail until it fogs up our minds and wreaks mental havoc. It could happen if we overlook all the red flags and continue to tread on a path that would result in a wrenching heartbreak. So, what is that chief constituent that would help you build a healthy, compatible relationship with your partner?

The answer to this not so cryptic question is core beliefs. Core beliefs are those fundamental values that help an individual rightfully navigate his life. They give an individual a sense of right and wrong and provide him with the freedom of being resistant to the unacceptable. However, when a person steps away from his values to hang out in a particular crowd or be with someone special, he loses the essence of his identity. This is the reason behind the falling out of most relationships because they overlook the one fundamental point – core beliefs.

Studies have confirmed that partners having common core beliefs end up in a compatible and peaceful relationship. Conflict is unavoidable in any relationship as some traits of your partner may contradict yours. Therefore, you need to find a common ground to make things work out peacefully. So, here are a few important, core values for a successful relationship:


In most cases, relationships suffer because of the communication gap between the partners. The inability to make a healthy conversation with your partner reduces the longevity of the relationship. It has been observed that, when things get complicated, most partners commit the mistake of getting into strife with one other. The constant bickering and disagreement eventually establish ill feelings towards each other.

However, resolving your conflicts with a simple talk could keep you away from the colossal damage. So communication is one such core value that you should be sharing with your partner.


Whether it is a personal or professional connection, trust is the fundamental key for constructing meaningful and successful partnerships. You and your significant other should be able to trust and support each other through thick and thin. This would help build a sense of reassurance in you that they’ll always have your back when things turn south.

How To Know If You And Your Partner Share The Same Core Beliefs


In simple words, loyalty refers to the notion of being solely dedicated and honest to your partner. After trust, it is the second most significant core belief that influences the bond between you and your partner.

According to the studies, all the decisions and choices affecting both sides should be taken mutually by both partners. This way you can, build a strong bond with your partner but if this loyalty wavers at some point, then be ready for the forthcoming conflict.

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Respect is one of the core beliefs of every human connection. Every individual feels appreciated and loved when given the respect he deserves. It means acknowledging your partners’ thoughts, decisions, likes, dislikes, their way of doing things, and the rest.

Most relationships fall apart due to the dominating and self-absorbed nature of one of the partners. People of such nature are less likely to put their partner’s preferences before them. So, to be in a healthy relationship individuals should respect each other.


It is useless to be in a relationship where you can barely spend time with one another. In some cases, individuals are opposites of each other and are unable to find a common ground for communication. Relationships of such sort are less likely to prosper. However, some couples have entirely different lifestyles but still manage to, spend quality time together.

 So even if you are an extrovert and your partner has a reticent personality take some time out from your busy schedule. This way partners can have fun together while having time for their recreations.

Everybody has different core beliefs but it’s the job of an individual to know what qualities of his partner bring him joy and satisfaction. So look for core beliefs that might be mutual with your partner. It would simply help you develop a stable relationship with them. Also, it would help mitigate the friction that may develop due to the difference of opinion.

So instead of living in a dilemma and striving hard to have the life you have planned, you should find a person who shares similar core beliefs.


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