How To Follow A Mediterranean Diet Without Having To Buy Expensive Diet Foods?

How To Follow A Mediterranean Diet Without Having To Buy Expensive Diet Foods

Following a Mediterranean diet can help you lose weight, stay fit, and enjoy a better quality of life. Of course, you may think that this diet will encourage you to buy expensive foods. However, that is not true.

A Mediterranean diet can be followed without investing in expensive items. The best part is that many foods under this category are also family-friendly. So here is everything you need to know about following a Mediterranean diet without buying expensive foods.

Mediterranean Diet Foods The Whole Family Will Love

Many kids don’t like vegetables and become picky when it comes to different dishes. However, Mediterranean diet foods are a hit among the young audience too. Here are the top things you can make at home that your family, including kids, will love:

Vegetable Mulligatawny Soup

Vegetable Mulligatawny soup has been inspired by early British soups. The best thing about the dish is that it does not require you to buy expensive meat. You can pack the recipe with vegetables to offer a healthy alternative to your family.

Parsnips and squash make the soup thick to make the meal more filling. The best part is that kids love the dish because of its flavorful taste. So you can increase the vegetable intake of your children by offering them in soup form.


Stromboli is another Mediterranean dish that can be made in different ways. Most people fill the item with meat and cheese for a heavy meal. However, you can reduce the dish’s calories by using pesto, pepper, and spinach filling. The best part is that this will retain the flavor of the stromboli without reducing its quality.

Nutty fontina is another thing you can add to the dish to replace the cheese. The dish is mainly served with tomato sauce for a better taste. Kids and adults love the item because of its filling portion and appealing look.

Tomato Gnocchi

If your family loves pasta but you want to offer them a healthy alternative, Tomato Gnocchi is the best option. This Mediterranean dish is made with sun-dried tomatoes, hearty sauce, and different spices. The primary benefit of Gnocchi is that it will keep your calorie intake low while offering the same taste as restaurant-made pasta.

Follow A Mediterranean Diet Without Having To Buy Expensive Diet Tomato gnocchi

Besides that, the dish is also packed with healthy nutrients such as vitamin C and vitamin K. These nutrients will allow you and your family to live a healthier life without issues.

Chicken Stuffed Peppers

Chicken stuffed pepper is the best light meal if your family loves spicy food. The dish can be made with chicken fajita filling to offer a good meal with various flavors. The best part is you add beans to the dish to make it healthier without much effort.

Cheese and brown rice in the stuffed pepper will also make the meal more satisfying. So you will not have to worry about making a high number of peppers to meet your family’s needs.

Mediterranean Diet-Friendly Snacks to Enjoy

Besides meals, you can also enjoy various snacks that will suit your diet and help you avoid munching on junk food between meals. Here are the top things you can enjoy:

Dried Fruits And Nuts

Dried fruits and nuts such as almonds, cashew, and peanuts are the top choices for a Mediterranean diet. The best part about these items is that they are not packed with calories. So you can maintain a deficit more easily.

Almonds and cashews are also readily available on the market at a cheap rate. This means you will not have to worry about spending much on snacks.

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Fresh fruits are also suitable for a Mediterranean diet because they are packed with nutrients. Bananas have potassium and can make you feel fuller for a longer period before the next meal. Other fruits, such as oranges, can also allow you to increase your intake of antioxidants.

You may also include berries in your diet for a flavorful and satisfying snack. The best part is that fresh fruits are cheaper than processed snacks, which can harm your healthy diet.

Roasted Or Fried Vegetables

Vegetables are another great snacking option for the Mediterranean diet. This is because they can make you feel full without packing many calories. You can also cook them in different ways to support your meal.

For instance, you may roast the vegetables for a satisfying side dish. Meanwhile, you can also stir-fry them for a crispy texture and store them as a snack.

Create A Holistic Mediterranean Diet Plan With These Budget-Friendly Tips

Here are some tips to help you maintain a budget-friendly Mediterranean:

Buy Fruits That Are Available In The Season

Buying fruits that are available in the season will help you save more money on snacks. This is because they will be readily available on the market. You can also bargain more easily with the vendor.

Visit The Market Instead Of Stores

Another way to save money is by visiting the local market instead of grocery stores. This is because shops offer the same fruits and vegetables at a higher price. You will get a lower quantity from grocery stores.

So it is better to take a trip to the local market to buy vegetables and fruits at a low price. Buying in bulk will also help you save more.

Use Dry Beans Instead Of Canned Items

You should also consider using dry beans instead of canned options for your Mediterranean food recipes. This is because such items are readily available on the market. They are also fresher and cheaper than canned items to offer more nutritional value.

Many dry beans also don’t have to be soaked overnight. So you will not have to worry about preparing ahead for the dish.

Closing Thoughts

This is your complete guide to following a Mediterranean diet without spending much. You must include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet plan for a healthier life. It is also necessary to snack on dried fruits and nuts instead of junk food to avoid high-calorie intake.

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