Going vegan? Here are 10 Guaranteed Food tips for your Journey

vegan food

The Vegan lifestyle is a very big deal, for some it could come in form of little changes they make to their diet, for others, it is some sort of awakening, leading to a total shift in their dietary choices.

These food tips will help you put things in perspective, whether you’re slowly transitioning or make a complete shift.

1.  Take baby steps

For slowly transitioning vegan, start with little baby steps, do not rush things, it’s more sustainable and satisfying that way. Small steps like changing your regular meat-meal options to meatless and diary-free options.

2.  Do your research

Grains, beans and other plant based produce are really all you need to start a healthy vegan lifestyle. However, veganism could be somewhat tricky, so before you start your vegan journey, it is advisable to take some time to do your research on the basic plant based nutrition in the vegan world. Resources like Ginny Messina and Jack Norris’ Vegan For Life could be helpful, having done your research, you’d be confident and bold to answer questions like how do you get protein as a vegan?.

3.  Start with dishes you love

            Begin to think about how you can incorporate a meatless or diary-free option into your favourite food recipes. It could mean switching the main protein in the dish for mushrooms, tofus or vegetables.

4.  Take risks

            Becoming a vegan encourages exploration of new dishes, ingredients, food recipes. Add new flavours to your food, make your transitioning pleasurable by trying more plant based food like dishes containing grains, legumes, vegetables.

5.  Let your adaptation be creative

Many make assumptions that adapting a recipe to be vegan primarily means substituting the central protein like meat for faux meat or diary-based products for tofu or tempeh.

Thinking creatively and using your imagination could help capture the beauty of traditional dishes without animal based protein. Cashew cheese can be used in place of the diary based cheese, yet still captures the tanginess of the traditional goat cheese recipe.

6.  Make your own dairy substitute

            Giving up dairy is not easy, especially because it s found everywhere in restaurant dishes. However, it could be much easier living without it when you learn to make your own substitute. Making your own dairy substitute could prove more authentic than store bought non diary products plus they are creative, fun and cheaper.

7.  Do wonders with tofu and tempeh

            You really can’t beat tofu and tempeh for that meaty texture and complete protein in a meatless dish. Marinating tempeh in sauce could help balance its coarse and plain flavour.

Pressing tofu helps to create a firmer and more appetizing texture that many people prefer.

8.  Do not habitually avoid vegan products

            Keep an open mind about vegan products, it helps to know that they are an option. They could bring authenticity and enrichment to your food.

9.  Make vegan dishes for everybody

            If you’re trying to prove to others that not all vegans eat salad and that vegan food could be appealing, filling and pleasurable, creating dishes that feel familiar and appeal to a wide audience could help you do that. Dishes like vegan lasagna, sloppy Joes or a shepherd’s pie could help give that sense of comfort and familiarity.

10.  Find a community

            Food is all about fellowship and sharing, thus sharing your lifestyle with your loved ones is a good thing, makes change less challenging when you have company even if they are not making the change along with you.

            Explore a vegan club or gathering in your community or online, become a regular on vegan food blogs. Research shows that failure to stick to a vegan plan is often as a result of isolation.





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