Eliminate Those Expensive Monthly Subscriptions What Services Do You Actually Need

Eliminate Those Expensive Monthly Subscriptions: What Services Do You Actually Need?

The digital world is improving with time, and many new platforms are released every year. Most of them require you to pay expensive monthly subscriptions for access. Of course, some are useful while others are just a waste of resources.

Eliminate those Expensive Monthly Subscriptions

Are you wondering which monthly subscriptions you should eliminate this year and which to keep? If so, you no longer have to. This post will erase all your confusion about the services you actually need.

What Services Do You Need?

Here are the top services that are worth getting:


Canva is a picture editing tool that has free and paid versions. If your needs are low, you can use the app for free forever. The best part is that this platform can help you with personal and professional projects. If you manage social media accounts for companies, you can use Canva for editing pictures.

The app is also useful if you work as a graphic designer for different companies. You can make business logos using Canva for your clients or sample designs for printing services. The platform is easy to use and offers high flexibility, similar to Adobe and Microsoft Suite.


Music is known for improving a person’s mood and can help you concentrate better. This is why you require an application for offline listening in the background. Spotify is the top platform for this purpose because the music plays even when your device is locked. So you don’t have to waste your phone’s charging.

The monthly plan of $9.99 is also relatively inexpensive and offers a good experience. You can also use the app for free if you don’t mind listening to a few ads between your playlist. If you get a family account and divide the bill between each other, your monthly bill can reduce to $2.50 per person.


Maintaining a fitness routine is essential for every person to stay healthy and enjoy a good physique. Exercising will also boost your immune system to keep you safe from diseases such as COVID-19. This is why a fitness tracker service is best to remember your progress without making an effort.

Strava is mainly useful if you engage in running or cycling frequently. The social fitness app tracks your movement and store data such as miles. It also allows you to connect with your friends and share daily achievements. The team also updates the app regularly and inspires users through different methods. However, the best part about Strava is that it is entirely free.


This is a specific service mainly suitable for writers and students. If you work as a freelance writer, editor, or proofreader, Grammarly is an essential app to offer top-notch work. The app is also suitable if you’re a student who frequently receives online assignments that require proofreading. You can use the platform to submit error-free work to clients and teachers.

Eliminate Those Expensive Monthly Subscriptions

If your grammar is relatively strong, you can use the free version of Grammarly throughout your life. However, if your needs are high and more precision is necessary, you should purchase premium. The paid plan will offer you access to clarity suggestions, a plagiarism checker, punctuation fixing recommendations, and much more.

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Digital marketing is one of the top ways to promote your business in this era. You can easily reach your target audience and rank high on search results using the best techniques. Email marketing is one of the top ways to promote your blogs, online store, and social accounts.

Mailchimp can help you perform email marketing for free if your contacts are under 2,000. Meanwhile, you can get an affordable premium package if your needs are high. The best part is that it will help you boost your online presence and gain more organic traffic. You can also easily engage with your audience using Mailchimp.

Book Of The Month

A monthly Book of the Month membership will keep you satisfied if you’re an avid reader. The club allows you to choose from five books and two add-ons. After that, the company will send you a hardcover copy of the title you chose so that you can read it easily. The first month’s subscription starts at $9.99, while for the other months, it is $14.99.

The best part is that you don’t have to choose books every month if you don’t want to read. You can select the skip option to avoid receiving a box. Luckily, you will not be charged for that month if you skip getting books.

Final Thoughts

These are the top services you can get in 2022. Some of the services are free, while others have paid versions. So you can easily choose the right subscription depending on your needs. These options are primarily useful for easing your life and keeping you engaged. This is why be sure to check out the services.

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