How Fitness Beginners Can Choose the Most Suitable Workouts

How to Choose the Right Workout Routine for You Getting Started

Choose the Right Workout Routine

Everyone should add exercise to their lifestyle because of its known numerous benefits. Not only will it make you feel good, but it can also help in the prevention of certain diseases, especially heart-related. However, before starting any exercise plan, it’s important to know what type of routine will work for you best. So, read on below to find out what you need to do in order to come up with the best workout routine!

The Different Types of Exercise Styles

  • Strength Training: The exercises for this include weightlifting, resistance training, sprinting, etc.
  • Aerobic: All workout routines should include aerobic exercises such as swimming, jogging, or running.
  • High-intensity interval training: Better known as HIIT, in this, you have to perform high-intensity exercises in repetition in a short and limited time period followed by a period of rest.
  • Calisthenics: This comprises of sit-ups, crunches, pushups, and much more. This type of exercise can be done with or without equipment.
  • Balance and flexibility: If you’re looking for something a bit more mellow that’ll improve your balance along with overall strength and flexibility, then you should focus on doing Pilates, yoga, or core training workouts.

Steps to Choosing the Right Workout Routine

Medical Fitness

If you’re a beginner, it’s essential that you get checked out by a doctor first to make sure you don’t have any risk factors or diseases that can worsen if you exercise. However, there are so many types of exercise out there you pick from, even if you have a medical condition.

Workout Goals

Once you’re cleared from the medical examination, it’s time to pick out your goals. It would be best if you were realistic when writing down your fitness goals to ensure that you follow them properly. The questions you need to ask yourself include; are you doing this for weight loss? Or do you want to strengthen and tone up your muscles? Clear and precise goals guarantee a good result.

Habit Formation

Making a plan is not that difficult; sticking to it is what most people struggle with. Hence, it’s important that you make it into a habit. For example, if you want to start off slow by just running, then do it at the same time every day, then gradually increase your distance and incorporate more exercises into your plan.

Choose the Right Workout Routine for You

To keep things interesting, you should add various types of exercises together as that’ll help you stay committed to your goals, as you’ll be having fun with it as well. For example, you can add running or dancing along with strength training or HIIT workouts. Don’t forget to do warm-ups and cool-downs before and after exercising, as that’ll prevent injuries.

Workout Equipment

If you follow all the steps, you will eventually get the hang of it. Now you should consider broadening your exercise option, such as mixing up aerobic or resistance training as long as you’re comfortable with it. For some exercises, you will need some gear. There are different types available for different workouts; however, there is some universal equipment. These include proper athletic-comfortable shoes, dumbbells, yoga mats, resistance bands, etc.

Personal Trainers

Some people can never motivate themselves even if they really want to, so a smart decision would be to hire a personal trainer if you’re that kind of person. This will let you have someone who’ll support and motivate you along with teaching you the proper techniques of exercising and how to make it fun!

If you can’t afford a personal trainer, then get one of your friends to become your gym buddy so that you guys can keep checking in on each other to make sure you’re following the routine.

Do Not Overwork Yourself

As important as exercise is, you shouldn’t be overburdening your body with it. So, make sure you add in rest days as well so that your body can use that time to recover and get used to it. If at any time you feel you’re getting overly fatigued or have symptoms of dizziness or nausea, then it’s important to take a break.

Monitor the Progress

One thing that’ll definitely keep you motivated is the results you will be getting. If weight loss was your intention, then measure your body to see your progress and, if needed, modify your exercise accordingly. It is important to remember that regardless of whether you’re exercising for weight loss, muscle strength, etc., results take time, so you have to be persistent to achieve the success you’re aiming for.

It can be challenging to make and adhere to a workout plan, but it’s not impossible. Just make sure to be consistent and realistic with your goals so you can achieve them. Apart from that, make sure your body is fully hydrated and try consuming a well-balanced diet, as both of these will help you achieve your fitness target as well.

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