Best Solo Travel Destinations 2023: Top Places To Travel Alone To This Summer

Best Solo Travel Destinations 2023 Top Places To Travel Alone To This Summer MAIN

Traveling around the world is one of the best activities to do during summer and winter. You can enjoy your vacation exploring new places, trying unique local cuisines, and making amazing memories. Some people love to travel with their families, while others prefer solo trips.

If you fall into the latter category, you don’t have to worry much about searching for trip ideas. Many destinations are suitable for solo traveling, such as Japan, Portugal, and Iceland. The best part is this guide has everything you need to know about the top solo travel destinations in 2023.


Japan is one of the best solo travel destinations because of its high safety and different offerings. The top thing about this nation is that it has an excellent transportation system with efficient methods. This means getting around in Japan is a breeze for solo travelers regardless of their experience.

You will not have to worry about hiring a tour guide to explore different locations. Another great thing about Japan for solo travelers is the cheap accommodation offerings. Pod beds are one of the top options for solo travelers.

If you want to save money, you can get a pod bed in a region for up to nine hours to rest and shower. This is an excellent option for solo travelers who move from one place to another fast. Japan also has many attractive locations that you can explore.

New Zealand

New Zealand is an excellent place for solo travelers if you want to immerse yourself in stunning scenery. The outdoor locations of this country are beautiful and will take your breath away. You can also enjoy many activities outside for a thrilling experience.

Glaciers in the south are one of the top attractions of New Zealand. You may also visit Queenstown for thrilling outdoor activities such as bungy jumping, skiing, and much more. Another great thing about the region is that you can visit it all year round due to the friendly weather.

Sometimes you may feel alone on the trip if you’re not used to solo traveling. The best part is you don’t have to worry about feeling that way for long. You can check into a hostel dorm for a night or so to socialize with others.

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Portugal is a famous country in southern Europe for solo travelers. It is also one of the top places for female travelers because of its high safety and wide accommodation options. You don’t have to worry about experiencing violent events when exploring Portugal.

Best Solo Travel Destinations 2023 Top Places To Travel Alone To This Summer Portugal 1

Finding a place to stay in this region is also easier, making it suitable for a solo trip. You can book a standard hotel or a boutique hotel for a unique experience. The best thing is that all options are budget-friendly, so you will not have to worry about breaking the bank.

The seven different regions within Portugal also offer plenty of locations for exploring. You can head towards Lisbon if you want to enjoy the good city life. Meanwhile, Algarve is the most famous region of Portugal.


For travelers from the US, Ireland is one of the best destinations for solo trips. The main reason behind this is easy access to hotels and transportation. Locals in this country are also highly friendly and can make it easy for you to navigate different towns if you get lost or have difficulties finding good spots to explore.

The country also offers locally hosted rail options for solo travelers. These tours will be set up with hotels, transportation offerings, and a unique activity every day. The best part about these options is that they offer plenty of free time to explore the region without anyone accompanying you.

So you can get the best out of your trip by visiting Ireland. This place is also an excellent option for inexperienced solo travelers. You can enjoy stunning scenery, amazing local restaurants, and much more.


Nepal is one of the best places to visit if you want to explore the Himalayan Mountains. The top feature of this country is that it is one of the safest places to visit. This is because of the religious harmony in the region.

It is also an excellent place for solo travelers looking for inner peace. You can visit Buddhist temples in the region, practice yoga, learn with the monks, and perform climbing trips for clarity. The scenery of this region will also offer you peace and help you relax your mind.

Lakeside villages are also plentiful in Nepal and will help you meet other solo travelers. You can also learn more about the country’s culture by meeting different locals on your trip.


Another safest destination for solo travelers in Iceland. It is a small place that is suitable for those who love to explore intimate locations. You will not have to worry about planning an itinerary because locals will always be there to help you out.

Sandy beaches and volcanoes are the top attractions of this island. You can also experience the mesmerizing Northern Lights in this region. This solo travel destination is for all those who love to spend their time in outdoor locations and immerse themselves in nature.

Going to Iceland may be expensive for some, which is another reason why it is more suitable for solo travelers than for large families. July and August are the best months to enjoy warm weather in Iceland. Meanwhile, September, October, and March are best for experiencing the Northern Lights.

Final Words

These are the six best solo travel destinations in 2023. The best thing about them is that they are the safest locations you will come across. Female solo travelers also prefer earlier destinations for trips.

You can enjoy easy transportation access in Japan, while New Zealand offers stunning scenery. Portugal is an excellent option if you want to visit a region that has fewer violent incidents. So be sure to consider your needs and budget when choosing from these best solo travel destinations.


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