Best River Cruises: These Cruise Destinations Are A Must Visit

Best River Cruises These Cruise Destinations Are A Must Visit Main

Taking a river cruise is one of the best ways to travel to different countries or regions. You can cover many places in less time while enjoying a magnificent view.

If you’re planning to go on a river cruise, you must want to know the famous destinations you can visit. Here is a complete guide about them.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking A River Cruise?

A river cruise offers many benefits, such as saving money, faster travel, and meeting new people. Here are some other advantages of taking a river cruise for your next holiday:

Cultural Immersion

The best thing about different cruises is that you will meet a lot of people on the ship. Many cruise management also offers different opportunities while traveling to help you learn about different cultures. You will also get to try various cuisines onboard, depending on the region you are in.

So taking a river cruise is a great way to immerse yourself in different cultures. You will also be able to do this because a cruise usually covers different countries on a continent. This means your exposure to new people and cultures will be high.

Offers You A Stunning View

It is no secret that taking a river cruise offers a stunning view of different regions. You can immerse yourself in surrounding landscapes which may be lush green hills, high towers, and other buildings. The view will depend mainly on the region you are traveling through.

You will get to explore many places at the stops the cruise is destined to. However, you will also get to see the scenery of other landscapes from afar while passing through specific regions. This is why many people choose river cruises over other holiday options.

What Are The Top River Cruise Destinations In 2023?

The European continent is a better option for river cruises because of its many stunning locations. These destinations are also easier to reach through a cruise, offering hassle-free transport. Here are some top places you can visit on a cruise this year:


Colombia is an excellent place you can visit on a river cruise. The best thing about it is that it has a rich cultural history. You can socialize with new people easily and learn about the culture.

It also has rich musical history, so you will hear a lot of new tunes on your trip. You can reach Colombia in no time through a river cruise that passes the Magdalena River. This is another site that will offer you a breathtaking view.

Buildings in Colombia are also stunning because of their medieval history and architecture. The best part is that these structures are preserved very well.


Germany is a picturesque country with many castles and historic cities. It is also no secret that 30% of people around the world want to see this place on a river cruise. This is why you will find many river cruises that include this country.

Best River Cruises These Cruise Destinations Are A Must Visit Body

The Danube River is the easiest method to get to Germany on a river cruise. You can try the local cuisine and immerse yourself in the rich history of this country. Romantic getaways to local castles also make this destination worthwhile for couples.


Austria is another trending location for river cruises in 2023. The best thing about it is its proximity to other locations such as Hungary. A cruise to Austria will mainly include this region, Hungary, Germany, and much more.

Your cruise will pass the magnificent Danube River usually and offer you an aesthetic view. You can take various pictures with the historical buildings of Austria in the backdrop.

It is also good to remember that Austria is a landlocked country, so you shouldn’t think about reaching it using a direct flight.

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New Orleans

New Orleans in the US is a favorite site for river cruises because of its attractive features. The city is also visited by many tourists from all over. You can explore the unique jazz bars to immerse yourself in the music of this city.

The famous French Quarter will also blow your mind with its architecture. You will also get to see the bald eagle in this region, which is America’s national bird. Creole and Cajun cuisine options will also allow you to enjoy delicious dishes and learn more about New Orleans culture.


The final worthwhile destination you can visit on a river cruise in France. Paris is one of the top cities that most ships stop at. You can immerse yourself in the beauty of the historic Eiffel Tower and take amazing pictures.

Another great thing is that there are five rivers you can choose from when taking a river cruise to France. The Seine and Rhine are favorite options for travelers because of their unique views.

You can choose between September and October to take a river cruise in this region because of the pleasant weather.

2023 River Cruise Tips For Travelers

Here are some river cruise tips that will make your traveling experience smoother:

Book Early

Booking early is one of the top things to do when going on any trip. This is especially true for river cruises because their bookings have deadlines, and slots fill faster. Most ships open their booking months before the final day to ensure all rooms are filled.

It is also easier to get discounts if you book early. For example, you may get an early bird discount. Some cruises may also offer deals to the first 100 passengers or so.

Choose The Right River

Choosing the right river is essential when taking a river cruise because it will determine the destinations you can visit. Most companies choose a specific river and stop at places that fall near it. So you will not have much say in the places you can visit.

However, by choosing the correct river, you can get better destinations and make your trip worthwhile. It will also help you plan your itinerary more easily for the time you will spend on land.

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