Are You a Love Addict? How to Put Yourself on the Path to a Serious Relationship That Will Work

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Do you find yourself addicted to love–and addicted to dating? Are you interested in a serious relationship but you aren’t sure what to do? Then consider the following guide that will help you put yourself on a path to a serious relationship.

Are you a Love Addict?

Let’s find out if you are a love addict.

Reframe your stance on dating and relationships

First, you need to reframe your stance on dating and relationships as a whole period you need to stop thinking about dating as a way to instant love and consider dating as a way to find potential long-term relationships over time. Stop choosing dates simply because you find them attractive or think they would be a good one night fling. Instead, look for potential dates with people who may be compatible for a long term relationship. 

Find people who have a similar position in their lives

A serious relationship doesn’t necessarily have to be with someone who is exactly the same as you. However, you should find people who are in a similar position in their lives. For example, if you are a 28 year old with a steady career looking to settle down move into a home–then you aren’t very likely to enter into a long term relationship with a 22 year old who is fresh out of college and years away from a career or settling down. 

are you a love addict

Take it slow–and make sure you’re on the same page

When it comes to serious relationships, it is important to take things slow. Don’t try to rush serious relationship stops such as moving in together, considering children, getting married and so on. You should make sure that you were on the same page in regards to the relationship or future of the relationship, so that you don’t waste unnecessary time with someone who doesn’t feel the same about your relationship’s pace.

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Learn to let go of relationships that aren’t working

One of the most common problems people have in regards to being unable to form serious relationships is an inability to let go of a relationship that just isn’t working. You may end up spending months or even years trying to make a relationship that isn’t serious be something more. You have to learn to let go of a relationship that isn’t working if you want to get on the path towards something serious. 

Remember that building a serious relationship takes work

Remember, a serious relationship does not develop overnight. It will take months and eventually years of hard work, patience and relationship development in order for a relationship to become something serious and potentially permanent. It is up to both parties in the relationship to put in the work that will turn a simple date into a long term, serious relationship.  If you are someone that is ready to stop casual dating and consider a serious relationship, make sure you consider the above steps to put yourself on the right path.

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