An Easy Guide To Being More Present

woman meditating in nature

Are you overwhelmed by work, the crazy pandemic situation in the world, or any other stressors? Now is the perfect time to start practicing mindfulness and learning how the importance of being present can help us cope with these, and other struggles in our lives. 

The idea of being present has been circulating since the time humans evolved. However, the importance of this message has gained a lot more importance nowadays. The rising cases of stress, anxiety, and depression are mere signs that we are losing ourselves; our emotional stability is guide to wandering while we struggle to fulfil vague desires that come up. It is high time that we realize the worthiness of our existence and our lives by being present in the moment. 

Some reasons why being present is so important are:

  • Relieving Stress: It’s an underlying human tendency to run away from situations that are bothering us. In the act of running away, we lose ourselves. Fighting the source of worry is a one time pain while running and distancing away are a cause of long term stress. This battle with anxiety can only be won by being present, acknowledging any fears, and accepting them.
  • Strengthening Relationships: Any relationship is about the moments, the journey, and togetherness. Nobody likes to be on a date where the other person is continuously engrossed in their phone. This reflects distraction and leaves a long-lasting negative impact. Mindfulness and acceptance can make relationships work better. 
  • Improving Mental Health: The chances of anxiety and depression are much lower in people who practice the art of mindfulness. It teaches them to fight their fears and live the moments more enthusiastically. More importantly, mindfulness makes joyful moments all the merrier and adds meaning to life.

Not sure how to start? Read on for our simple tips for beginners to get started.

Make It A Habit

Like any other exercise, mindfulness and learning to be present is something we need to set aside time to achieve. Make an effort to set aside a few moments of your day to focus on Guide being present. Keep it short when you first start out. Some prefer to set aside 10-15 minutes at the start of their day, others prefer to do it at the end of the day -just make sure you remember to make it a daily activity.

Start A Simple Ritual

Think of something simple that you like and incorporate it as a simple ritual you will enjoy in your  routine. Be conscious- be present when you go through the ritual daily. It can be something as simple as making yourself a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea to listening to music while on your commute. 

Reduce Distractions

With technology ever so prevalent in our day to day activities, we find ourselves constantly distracted with new and competing information. Sounds familiar? Sit down and list out some of your top distractions in your day and a plan to avoid them. This helps you be present for whatever task you embark on. For example, if you know you get easily distracted by social media notifications, turn them off for a couple of hours while you work on an important task.

Focus On Your Breath

During moments in your fast-paced schedule where there is a lull in activity, use the down time to focus on being present. Clear your mind of any thoughts and focus on counting the number of breaths in and out of your nose. This is a fantastic calming exercise that helps to sooth your mental state and bring you back into focus before you start on your next task of the day.

Keep A Record

Mindful journaling helps you to confront your thoughts and explore the many emotions you feel in a day. Reflection on what you experienced and felt during the day helps to get all the emotions (the good, the bad and the ugly) out of your head and gives you a fresh start for the next day! 


If you are looking for a more formal way of practicing mindfulness outside of the little things you do in your life – meditation is the next level to progress to. Find a comfortable spot in your home, close your eyes and focus on your breath – if your thoughts wander, slowly bring them back. If you are an absolute beginner to this, we highly recommend guided meditation that you can follow – try out this awesome app or simply google for YouTube videos.




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