How to Let Go of an Ex?

a simple guide for letting to of an ex

How can you forget someone that you once loved? Read this simple Guide for Letting Go of an Ex.

Almost all of us have gone through the pain of a breakup. There is no simple answer on how to overcome a breakup. It depends on the mentality of the individual and the way of handling such nightmares. That pain needs to end as soon as possible, but it is not something that can happen overnight. Like everything in life, heartbreak is also something that takes time to overcome. 

There are six practical tips to get through this period.

How to Let Go of an Ex?

Avoid Contact

The idea of letting go may seem too overwhelming. But, once you break up, you must remove everything you have that reminds you of your Ex, including conversation logs, photos, and gifts. Being friends with them is not something that will ever work. It is a bad idea. Keeping an Ex in your life is not a sign of maturity. 

Turn The Breakup Into A Lesson

Although you can’t alter your past, you can always learn a lesson from it. The past can be thought of as a rear-view mirror in a car. If you keep looking at the mirror, you won’t be able to effectively deal with what’s ahead of you. Use the past like a mirror; reflect on it, then move from it.

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Stop Blaming Yourself

The guilt followed after a breakup can be something that holds you back from getting over it. Remember, it takes two to break up. The problem wasn’t just you; it was both of you as a couple. If you look at the relationship from a 3rd person perspective, it will be easier for you to understand how you both contributed to the breakup.

How to Let Go of an Ex

Surround Yourself With The People Who Care For You

Once you experience a breakup, the reality of your new life without that person will begin to kick in. Its effects are detrimental in the long run. You need to do things to break out of your old comfort zone. Doing things alone at first may seem impossible, but, eventually, you will adapt. Start surrounding yourself with people who uplift you, the ones who see the good in you, and the ones with whom can help you move on from your past.  

 Try Something New

Try anything new and exciting to overcome the memories. There is no harm in trying to have a new experience. Nothing builds your confidence more than doing something which you thought was not your “thing.” Trying something new will add to your life, which can be used to improve yourself mentally and physically. Try hitting the gymnasium at least three times a week or start meditating for 10 minutes a day. Be consistent with what you do and it will be much more beneficial in the long run.

Have A Burn Book

After losing your ex, you may begin to feel that they were the best you ever had and no one will be ever capable of replacing them but, this is not the case because humans just aren’t perfect. A burn book is a journal which helps to focus on the bad things of your Ex to get over them. This method may put you in a bad mood at first, but as time goes, it will be beneficial as you lose feelings for them. Start writing any negative qualities of your Ex at least once a day until you feel better.

All in all, breakups can be hard. Psychologists emphasize that one of the hardest challenges of a breakup is to regain a sense of self as a separate entity from a former partner. Remember that there is no easy way to get over a breakup. The only way out is to stick to the process and have patience. You will get through it in time.




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