8 Amazing Benefits the Paleo Diet has on your Body

paleo diet

The paleolithic diet hit the headlines in recent years, promising fitter bodies and active minds.  It’s easy to dismiss the diet as just another fad. But don’t be so quick to judge. Paleo is more than just eating like a caveman. In fact, a fascinating body of evidence is shedding light on the amazing benefits paleo can have for your mental and physical health

Let’s dive in and find out.

Balances Your Blood Glucose

Processed sugars baffle your body. Spikes in blood glucose, followed by steep crashes, are profoundly unhealthy. Eventually, this rollercoaster ride is the new normal. Overloaded with sugar, your body becomes desensitized, until you develop diabetes. The paleo diet cuts out sugar, improving glucose tolerance, and decreasing the risk of diabetes in the process. 

Leaner Muscles

Stone Age man had to be at peak performance when hunting Mammoth or fending off a sabretooth tiger. Today, times are more peaceful, but the paleo diet is still an excellent method of getting a lean, mean physique. By putting a heavy focus on meat, paleo ensures your muscles have enough protein to grow. Add in daily exercise, and you’ll soon see astonishing gains.

Keeps You Fuller for Longer

It’s the start of your diet, but you’re already starving. We’ve all been there! Paleo focuses on feeling full and healthy, not living everyday famished. No crashes. No binges. Just a good portion of healthy fats and proteins. Throw in the right amount of fruit and vegetables, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a diet that satisfies.

Improves Sleep

Our bodies swim in a soup of chemicals and additives. No wonder we struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Caffeine and sugar are the worst offenders, but they’re not alone. Thankfully, paleo is all-natural. Free from these chemical constraints, your body will fall back into a circadian rhythm, getting tired when you need sleep. Follow your body’s lead, and you’ll nod off in no time. 

Easy Weight Loss

Grains and sugars are the chief culprits for why we pile on the pounds. That’s why the paleo diet is designed to be low carb. Cutting out these processed calories will cause dramatic weight loss. 

Reduces Disease Risk

Sedentary lifestyles and processed foods are responsible for many modern diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, and fatty liver disease. By providing a dietary blueprint focusing on protein and vegetables, the paleo diet reduces the disease risk caused by fats and grains.

Soothes Inflammation

Inflammation is fine in moderation. But too much leads to heart and joint problems, and can even cause cancer. That’s why the paleo diet encourages foods rich in anti-inflammatory nutrients. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and grass-fed beef have been shown to reduce inflammation (as well as improve brain health too).

Reduces Allergies

Many allergies are exacerbated by foods that some people find indigestible, such as grains and dairy. The paleo diet recommends cutting these foods out for a month. Reintroducing slowly to identify the culprit. Plus, by reducing inflammation, you reduce the symptoms of allergies like hay fever or asthma.  After all, allergies are just inflammation gone wild. 





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