7 Ineffective Weight Loss Tips You Should Ignore

7 Ineffective Weight Loss Tips You Should Ignore

Losing weight happens to be something many people are doing these days. I mean, almost everyone is trying to lose one or more pounds. We all want to look good, attain that perfect, generally accepted shape, look sexy in our dresses, attract the attention of the opposite sex. A lot of people have turned themselves into fitness counselors, teaching what or what not to do. Everyone seems to have something to say about weight loss, and there are many articles out there educating people on ways they believe they can lose weight effectively and a lot of weight loss schemes. Some of these tips even contradict each other, so you don’t know which to follow. All these seem confusing.

Ineffective Weight Loss Tips

Nevertheless, Some of this advice has proven very efficient, either from people around you or the internet. These people know the right thing and are telling it. Still, as much as there are many good suggestions out there that are right and do work, some are total hogwash, ineffective, and are not to be followed, even if they seem believable. Some of these include:

Eat when you’re not hungry

Seriously? Many people claim that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is valid, and as such, you must eat breakfast every day even when you don’t feel like it. This is untrue. Studies have shown that intermittent fasting affects weight loss significantly and also has some health benefits. Although I’m not asking you to fast all the time, you should eat when you’re hungry, but not eating breakfast means fewer calories for the day, which automatically aids weight loss.

So if you’re hungry in the morning, eat a protein-rich diet to avoid binge eating later in the day as a result of missing breakfast, and if you’re not hungry, there’s no need to stick food down your throat just because of some rule book states that you must always eat breakfast.

Weigh yourself every day

Many people wonder how frequently they should weigh themselves. Some want to see results so fast that they jump on the weighing machine every time to know how quickly they’re losing weight. Weight fluctuates daily, and this is not always due to fat gain or loss. Sometimes hormones and even bowel movements can affect weight.   Although daily weighing can give some people a much-needed boost and encourage them to persevere on their weight loss journey, it serves as a form of anxiety when your weight today is more than the previous measured one. It can be kind of discouraging, and some people might find themselves giving up on losing weight eventually.  It is not a “one size fits all” strategy to weigh yourself every day, but it works for some people.

ineffective weight loss tips

Juice cleanses as a shortcut

We all love shortcuts. Some people don’t mind losing all those unwanted pounds in a single day, and a lot of people have sworn by juice cleanses that they give you the result you want, and they give it to you fast. Juice cleanses said to rid your body of all toxins, but as we know, things got quickly seldom seem to be long lasting, and this is no exception, you lose weight, stop every healthy weight-loss method, and before you know it, you’re gaining those pounds back, which can be very frustrating. Also, many of these juices contain more sugar than protein which is a poor combination for a healthy weight loss regimen.

These juices as a means of detoxification are unnecessary as the liver and other organs perform this function daily.

Fast weight loss methods that are unhealthy

There’s this unconventional idea that losing weight fast at the initial stage of weight loss is not good, leading to weight regain. This idea is untrue. As long as you stick to a healthy weight-loss strategy, the pounds you lost aren’t going to come back. I believe fast weight loss at the initial phase is encouraging, except for people who slack off after losing lots of pounds quickly. Rapid weight loss does not lead to weight regain.

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 Do cardio instead of strength training

A lot of people tend to focus on cardio alone and leave strength training out of the equation. Although cardiovascular exercises are highly beneficial to a person’s overall health, they are not the best weight loss strategy. The best system for weight loss is to combine both cardio exercise and strength training and not focusing on one in favor of the other.

Skip all high-fat foods

Contrary to popular opinions, some fat is perfect for the body. Natural food rich in fat like avocado and nuts aid in weight loss, even some oils have been recommended as an excellent choice for cooking.

Healthy fats are necessary to the body and can aid weight loss, although piling unneeded fats on your plate is detrimental to weight loss, and you’ll gain more pounds than lose it.

 Only count calories

Due to the “watch calories” mantra, many of us, while shopping, finds ourselves checking the number of calories in processed foods before buying them. It’s hard to measure the exact amount of calories eaten daily. Eating a 100 calorie fruit salad is not the same as eating a 100 calorie slice of cake. The effect that each has on the body is different. Fruits lead to the secretion of hormones that induce increased fullness,  reduced sugar. On the other hand, cake and other confectionaries contain refined carbs that raise blood sugar, leading to hunger and overeating.


There are many tips out there on how to lose weight, but people are different, and one method cannot work for all. Just find out that which works for you and focus on it.

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