6 Plants for Your Balcony or Patio that Won’t Die Quickly

best balcony and patio plants

Looking to spruce up the balcony or patio with some greenery but too lazy to maintain it? The following plants are tough enough to survive neglect from owners who lack green thumbs, don’t have time to commit to maintaining the garden, or are too lazy but want a hint of nature in their home.

Jade Plant

A succulent houseplant, jade plants are incredibly resilient and easy to grow. They resemble mini trees and can effortlessly add a decorative element to any balcony, patio, or even instead the house! Unlike many plants, they can handle both shade and direct sunlight, so they can be placed anywhere the gardener desires.

One thing to keep in mind about jade plants is that they cannot handle extremely cold temperatures, but this is an easy fix. If it gets too chilly outdoors during the winter, it’s easy to transport them inside for a few months. Besides making sure that the jade plant isn’t too cold, it is also a good idea to water the plant occasionally if the soil ever feels too dry.

Aloe Vera

The Aloe vera plant is extremely low-maintenance and is widely considered one of the easiest plants to take care of. It does not require fertilizer, is insect resistant, and only needs to be watered when the soil is completely dry, like hardy succulents. This means that the gardener does not have to worry about careful planting, pests, or watering frequently.

As another bonus, this plant also has awesome burn relief and medicinal properties as well. It is the perfect plant for a minimalist home where all decor serves a purpose.

Snake Plant

Like Aloe vera, the snake plant is another trendy and easy-to-care-for houseplant. It grows well in many different lighting conditions and only needs to be watered every 2- 8 weeks. In fact, this plant is so low-maintenance that the main concern should be over-watering. The snake plant is extremely hard and long-lived, so it is a great staple to consider for any new gardener.

Fiddle-Leaf Fig

This plant grows well in bright and sunny environments and is perfect for the apartment balcony or patio. However, it is best to avoid too much direct sunlight, so the Fiddle-leaf should be placed in a shady area. Although sunlight is important to keep in mind for this plant, everything else is low-maintenance. Simply watering the Fiddle-leaf once a week will keep them alive and strong. Sounds simple enough to nurture this statement houseplant, doesn’t it?

Spider Plant

Looking for a wild, untamed look for your balcony or patio but too lazy to care for the usual recommended plants? The Spider plant isconsidered one of the most adaptable and hard-to-kill houseplants. It can survive in many environments, including those of neglectful owners. As long as they are kept in a container of well-drained soil and have bright, indirect sunlight, they can thrive. The Spider plant is relatively easy to maintain and will add a hint of adventure to their garden without too much of a time commitment.

Air Plants

If the above plants still sound intimidating to care for, consider air plants instead. Air plants don’t require soil to grow, so soil is no longer something that must be taken into consideration. This is a great factor for those who wish to avoid dealing with messy pots of soil.

The only maintenance required for air plants is to mist them with water once a week, which is a small sliver of time to sacrifice for a hint of beauty in the home. There are various decor ideas online for ways to decorate with air plants as well, so the gardener no longer has to stress over coming up with a creative layout for their plant collection. For an Instagrammable look on the balcony or patio, hang a variety of air plants from macramé holders. Air plants are perfect for anyone looking to add greenery to their balcony without too much extra work.



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