5 Ways to Use Shelves to Display Your Collections

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Collecting is popular hobby for people around the world. Many people have collections that showcase their favorite hobbies and interests, such as doll collections, movie collections, book collections, figurines and much more. One of the best ways to display your collection is by using shelves. The following are 5 ways you can use shelves to display your collections. 

Transform bookshelves into display shelves

You can transform ordinary bookshelves into display shelves dedicated solely to displaying your collection. This is an easy option if you already have bookshelves that you aren’t using, but you can also find some at a shop that work well within your home. This is also a great option if you have lots of items to display since you can use the entire shelf to your advantage and bookshelves are more likely to hold heavier objects. 

Install floating shelves to highlight smaller pieces

Floating shelves are perfect if you don’t want to take up floor space with a traditional bookshelf or you would rather only display a few items at a time. Floating shelves are particularly ideal if you have a small collection or if you only want to display 1-2 things at once while rotating items in your collection every now and then. Remember to install them properly so they won’t fall down, and keep an eye on the weight limit. 

Mix and match books with collections

If you don’t want to dedicate an entire shelf to your collection or you’d rather keep your display to a few pieces at a time, you can curate a shelf by mixing and matching your books with collection items. This will offer some nice aesthetic value to your space while allowing you to highlight your favorite pieces from your collection. Consider what pieces you choose carefully; if done properly, a mix and match bookshelf can look exceptional. 

Combine shelves with lighting to add focus

If you want to turn your display shelves into something truly extraordinary, all you need to do is take one simple step and add some lighting. Lighting can add focus and aesthetic appeal to a display shelf. Since there are many different types of lighting available, you can choose the one which works best for your needs. Fairy lights are ideal if you want a lighter, more fanciful look; while professional shelf lights are ideal if you want your collection to look professional and more minimalistic. 

Use unusual shelves to make a collection statement

If your collection is something unusual or otherwise distinct—such as say, seashells or gemstones—then you may want to consider purchasing unusual or distinct shelves that will make an overall statement when combined with your collection. For example, if you collect seashells, consider purchasing a shelf that has a beach or seashell theme. The sky is really the limit once you decide to get creative with your shelves, so feel free to experiment.

Don’t forget to consider the above 5 ideas when you want to display your collection on shelves.  




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