5 Early Signs Your Relationship is Working Well

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If you want to discover 5 Early Signs Your Relationship is Working Well, read on!

Breaking up is as rough as new love is intoxicating.

Signs Your Relationship is Working Well

Every time you tell yourself to take it slow and see how things go. You want to make sure it’s the real deal. But how can you know if your relationship will last, or if it’s bound for the rocks? Here at Daily Wisely, we asked around to find out.

Good News or Bad News: They’re the First to Know

You’ve just got onto your dream course, or your boss gave you an offer you couldn’t refuse. Everyone you meet you want to tell. But you don’t. You’re saving your secret for your special someone. They need to be the first to hear.

Or, the opposite…

The worst has happened. Life’s suddenly got tough. Now the same person who shared in the good times is the only one you want in the bad. They don’t judge you. They listen and empathize, and then help make life better.

You can be Yourself

We all know the first few dates is a bit of an act. You want to be the best you can be. Sooner or later, the mask slips – you say something goofy or lapse into a bad habit. But your partner isn’t annoyed or disgusted, they just laugh. They like you for you. 

In time you learn to love the snort when they laugh or even their obsession with coasters. Each quirk is what makes them, them. Eventually, you can’t even imagine being apart.

You Make the Effort

Our lives seem to get busier and busier. Yet despite the diary clashes and dreary meetings, you always make time to see each other. You set plans, and you stick to them. Both of you have demonstrated commitment and dedication, meaning you know you can always count on one another. It also helps show you both know where you stand, building trust. 

You are Honest With Each Other

Past relationships and life events can be a tricky sea to navigate. While nobody wants to hear all your baggage on the first date, it’s important over time to slowly open up. If you feel comfortable telling someone your secrets – the best and worst moments of your life – then you’re with a keeper. 

Signs Your Relationship is Working Well

Unfortunately, mistakes aren’t resigned to the past. If you admit when you’ve done wrong with a genuine apology, that’s a huge step to creating trust and a long-lasting bond in a relationship. It’s equally important that if your partner forgives, then they also forget. Holding someone’s actions over them only creates animosity.

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You Help Each Other Succeed

You listen to one another. You advise and even plan your life goals together. Share your values. Over time, you enjoy doing something with your partner more than doing it alone. You don’t have to be finishing each other’s sentences, but it helps to share ideas. If you feel like you’ve got the others back, and that they’re success is your success, you’re onto a winning team!

We hope you enjoyed this 5 Early Signs Your Relationship is Working Well!

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