5 Clever Ways to Incorporate Rustic Design Into in Your Home

incorporate rustic design in your home, best ways

Rustic designs are incredibly popular due to their simplicity and natural elegance that is down to earth rather than fanciful. There are many different ways that you can incorporate rustic design into your home’s interior and overall design. The following are 5 clever ways you can incorporate rustic design into your home’s interior. 

Use natural elements whenever you can

Natural elements are the cornerstone of classic rustic design. Make sure that you use natural elements wherever you can in your home to increase the overall sense of rustic and naturalness. Using wooden materials, organic fabrics, and other natural substances will create an overall rustic look. For example, use wood materials for your dining room table while choosing organic cotton for your dining room table linens.  You should consider adding other natural elements, such as plants or even repurposed branches, as well.

Choose warm, natural and earthy colors

Rustic designs tend to be colors with warm, natural and earthy shades. Choose earthy shades of brown, orange, red, green, grey, white and so on for your home’s overall color scheme. The earthier the tones, the more rustic your home will look. Avoid using pastels, neons, or anything too vibrant–unless you are using something that is 100% natural, such as a naturally vibrant flowering plant. 

Incorporate repurposed items

One of the most interesting elements of rustic home design is the use of repurposed items. Repurposed items are items which have been revitalized, restored or otherwise re-used for your home. For example, a tree trunk maybe repurposed into a living room table; logs from a broken down log cabin can be repurposed into walls or flooring or matching bedroom side tables; and so on.

Use textured items to create a rustic look

Another cornerstone of a rustic design is the use of texture. Textured items can create a more rustic, natural look which will make your home look warm and inviting. Use different textured materials sure out your home , including your bedding, curtains, rugs and more. Avoid soft or otherwise elegant looking textures, such as soft and shiny silk, because these will detract from the rustic look. The more textures you have, the more rustic your home design will appear. Consider using at least 3 or 4 textures in each room. 

Opt for exposed beam ceilings or accents

Although this is not practical in every home, expose beam ceilings or exposed beam accents can really embody a rustic design in your home. Exposed beam ceilings are at the hallmark of rustic design,and something you will see in countless “perfect” rustic homes featured in magazines or home decor sites; so if you can achieve this in your home, it is highly recommended.   

Remember, rustic design is more than a single wooden table or a rustic curtain accent. Your entire homes aesthetic should be designed around the rustic theme if you truly want your home to exude a sense of natural, rustic appeal. 


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