5 Clever Ways to Display Your Family Memories without the Clutter

5 Clever Ways to Display Your Family Memories without the Clutter

Are you considering turning your house into a home? Adding some personal touches using some family photos and artworks can do the trick. Do not worry about the photos cluttering the house. There are many ways that you can use to display and in various locations of the house.

Consider adding some colour schemes, art pieces, and the atmosphere you plan on changing. It requires you to be creative to create the most memorable displays in your home.

Consider some ideas you can use that are discussed below.

Over-the-Top Photo Display

Consider placing your photo display on the empty stairwell. You can try and blend the frames with various colours such as red and black to create balance.

Also, arrange them, so the frames appear organized, and then paint the wall a plain colour like white. The display photos will come out, showcasing the beauty of the stairwell.

Kitchen Gallery

Whoever said that you should only display family photos in the living room was wrong. You can have reminder photos of your loved ones in the kitchen as well. You can place the photos on the wall just above the bar cart, and you will see the beauty that the frames will bring out.

You can decorate with vintage photos of your loved ones and add some cooking books on the display kitchen table. It will give you that rustic old feeling while still remembering your family members.

Gallery Wall of Family

If you happen to have a minimalist hallway lying bare in your house, why not decorate with frames? The photo display can be the same colour, maybe something with warm wood frames and clean white mats.

Collect the photos you would love to place on the bear wall and arrange them systematically so that they do not look cluttered. The photos will now look unified, and you can mix both black and white and full-colour images to add some elegance.

Simple Grid Arrangement

If you are looking for a simple display, then making a simple grid arrangement will bring life to any wall. You can hang about four photos for each family member in your household if you do not have a large family.

The simple display can either be in the living area or the master bedroom. The portraits can be in black–and–white with some strong black frames hanged on a white wall background to make the display brighter.

Floor to Ceiling Display

Ever considered displaying a floor to ceiling photo display but do not know where to place them? How about that wall located near the spiral staircase? You can use full-colour images to take centre stage along the white stairwell wall.

Start styling the gallery by using larger-scale images. The frames will disappear into the walls giving an effect of them being inbuilt.

The floor to ceiling arrangements will give your visitors plenty to view as they walk up the spiral staircase.




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