10 Simple Interior Design Tips to Re-Invigorate Your Home

summer interior design tips

For weeks we’ve all been staring at the same four walls. But with time to kill, it’s an excellent opportunity to start a new project. What’s better than sprucing up your place for the summer? But where to even begin. Here we’ll lay out some easy ideas to re-invigorate your home. If you have to stare at four walls, then make them amazing!

1. A Lick of Paint

Nothing fixes a room quicker than a coat of paint. Freshen up your bathroom with a slick white finish, or tidy up the edges around the kitchen tiles. If you’re feeling especially bold, make a graphic statement with a color-block wall. Paint a single wall or go for a two-tone finish, with a band of color. 

2. Cushions are King

Cushions and pillows complete a room. Whether vibrant and funky or muted and elegant, cushions can change the feel of a home. They also add a splash of comfort to a lonely chair or vacant bed. Experiment with a new print, color, or shape to mix things up.

3. Switch it Up with a Summer Duvet Cover

Switch up your duvet cover for a light and airy design, to lift a room. Blues and creams will give a nautical theme, while greens and yellows beckon to the nature blooming just outside your window. In summer, opt for linens and cotton for maximum comfort. 

4. Dazzle with Outdoor lighting 

Light it up outside with a string of lights. The delicate lights transform your patio into a starlight sanctuary, perfect for an evening entertaining. There are hundreds of varieties available, so get inspiration from your favorite restaurants and bars. 

5. Create a cozy corner

Find a corner, ideally with a beautiful view, and begin setting up your reading nest. Floor cushions or bean bags offer great casual seating. Pair with a low-profile table, a couple of cushions, and a lamp to finish off your homely reading retreat.

6. Elevate Your Entryway

Most of our entrances don’t open onto spiraling staircases. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement. A traditional bow-legged table or a snazzy piece of art can create a hallway with the WOW factor. Add flowers for a flourishing touch.

7. Go Green

Nothing says summer like house plants. Spider plants are a classic, but fiddle leaf figs, African violets, or a big ol’ Yucca exude an exotic summery vibe. Keep it simple, though, no cacti in the bathroom.

8. Paint the Floor

You read that right. If you’ve got an older wooden floor, pockmarked and ragged, then sand it down and paint it up. The brighter the floor color, the simpler the rest of the room must be. Don’t make the room too busy!

9. Rearrange Your Furniture

Break the rules. Move it around. Your sofa might look better against the other wall. That lamp never looked good there. Now is your chance to experiment. You’ve got the time. Plus, this one’s free.

10.Source a Summer Candle

A home is not just pictures and furniture. It’s the warmth, the light, the smell. Find a summery scent to match the feel of your home. Tropical or citrusy, a candle sets the mood for summer. 





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