10 Expert-Approved Tips for Amazing Healthy Hair All Year Round

tips for a healthy hair all year round

If you’re looking to improve the health of your hair, it can be hard to figure out exactly what works and what doesn’t.  These 10 tips are great, easy ways to keep your hair growing and looking silky smooth.

  1. Eat a balanced diet.  As with pretty much anything else, a good, balanced diet is a great way to maintain scalp and hair health.  Many types of fruits and vegetables are extremely healthy for your skin and hair, and foods that contain antioxidants help boost metabolism and improve circulation, both of which contribute to a healthy scalp.
  2. Don’t wash your hair too much.  Though this may sound counterintuitive, rinsing your hair instead of using shampoo can improve hair health.  Washing with shampoo every time you shower or bathe can actually damage your hair.
  3. Use conditioner.  While using shampoo too much can damage your hair, using a mild conditioner can keep your hair looking healthy as well as remove any knots and frizz.
  4. Avoid hair dye.  If you can, avoiding hair dye is a good idea.  These products contain chemicals that are unhealthy and can cause damage to your hair or scalp.  
  5. Wear a hat or scarf to protect your hair.  Especially in extreme weather conditions, like dusty or harsh weather, it is extremely easy to throw on a hat of some kind before you go outside.  Doing this can provide a physical boundary between the weather and your hair.  Things like sun and dust can dry your hair out, causing issues like split ends and a dry scalp.
  6. Avoid brushing wet hair.  Doing this can cause your hair to literally be pulled out of your scalp, since hair roots soften when they are wet.  This makes it much easier for strands of hair to be pulled out while brushing.
  7. Use the cold setting on your blow dryer.  Having a hot, dry scalp, as already discussed, can be detrimental to hair health.  That said, heating your hair up, while it does make it dry faster, can also dry things out extremely quickly even after all the proper products have been applied.  Using the cold blast setting on your dryer to cool yourself off after your hair is dry is a good way to avoid this becoming an issue.
  8. Allow your hair to air-dry.  If you have the time, letting your hair air dry is usually a much healthier alternative to using a hair dryer.  Doing this allows you to dry your hair without drying it out.
  9. Stock up on products.  Things like pre-shampoo can help with hair health, along with healthy products that are good for your hair.  Don’t cheap out on these products.
  10. Choose products for your hair type.  Finally, finding products that are perfect for your specific hair type is essential to hair health.  Everyone’s hair is different, so finding the correct products for you could take time but it will absolutely be worth it.  


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